Why technology is not all about the technology

Video Transcription:

G’day everybody, It’s Tom Freer here.

And today I wanted to talk about why technology in your business isn’t all about the technology.

What’s pretty important to understand is that technology by itself isn’t going to be a massive enabler for your business, you really need to be looking at the other aspects and how it all ties together. So what we do and how we’ve been working with clients is really around three key areas.

It starts, obviously, with the technology piece, we’ll call it technology. You’ve got to consider your people and you’ve got to consider your process. So we’ve got process and we’ve got people. So these all combined is how your business is going to make the most out of the technology. As you can see, this actual crossover here is where the gold happens. So if you’ve invested in technology, but you haven’t tied in how your people are going to work with that, there’s no benefit if you’ve invested in technology. But you’re not looking at how your processes can actually be improved by that, there’s no benefit people in process by themselves. No good. If you’ve got poor people or people don’t understand how your processes work, it’s not going to happen. So as you can see, all these three elements within your business are key to getting the best results.

So when you’re looking at investing in technology and looking at your technology base and how that’s going to enable your business, because technology will enable your business, there is no doubt about that. But what you need to keep in mind is that you need to work out how technology is going to underpin your people and your process and how they’re all going to hang together. 

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