IT Management as a Service

Put our local IT experts behind the wheel to drive your business forward

Stress-free IT with Wyntec IT Management as a Service

Here at Wyntec, we live and breathe IT and have developed a management service to utilise our expertise to help our clients manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely, while enabling them to focus on their core business functions. 

Wyntec’s IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS) is a subscription-based solution. We offer different  service levels, pricing and payment options, so you can tailor it to meet your needs.


Our team of experienced and certified IT professionals take a proactive approach to IT management, monitoring our clients’ IT infrastructure round-the-clock to identify and address opportunities and potential issues before they become critical problems. 

Our goal is to deliver simple, secure and stress-free IT that helps rather than hinders Aussie businesses.

Our ITMaaS solution offers experienced IT support and management that covers everything IT touches in the modern business and brings them into streamlined cohesion – your people, processes and the technology that drives them.

The benefits of our
IT Management as a Service offering

Superior support

ITMaaS delivers 24/7 access to skilled IT professionals, virtually or on-site in Australia. We deliver customised support, ongoing maintenance, and issue resolution for a personalised experience and minimal downtime.

Elevated execution

Wyntec’s ITMaaS streamlines IT operations, enhancing efficiency and execution. With up-to-date, secure systems, we reduce IT management burdens, boosting productivity and ensuring goal attainment.

Cost effectiveness

Outsourcing IT management to Wyntec cuts costs like hiring, training, and licensing. Flexible payment options and customised service levels make IT support accessible to businesses of all sizes, saving time and money.

Focus on core business

Outsourcing IT management to Wyntec enables your organisation to focus on core competencies, directing your resources and time to your business growth. Focus on what you do best and let Wyntec worry about the IT. 

Reduced risk

Our certified IT experts proactively monitor your infrastructure 24/7, detecting potential issues before they become critical, reducing IT risks and ensuring secure systems.

Proactive maintenance

Advanced monitoring tools provide 24/7 surveillance of your IT infrastructure, identifying potential issues and implementing timely upgrades for smooth system performance and maximised peace of mind.

What we offer

IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS) provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of
IT management services, tools, and expertise to manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently, effectively, and securely.
Depending on the chosen service level, our ITMaaS services consists of several key components that can include:

24 x 7 Service Desk

Unlimited remote IT support for your team, 24/7, at a fixed monthly fee, allows you to concentrate on business necessities without being hindered by daily IT issues. If you need someone on-site, we also have that covered.

Co-Managed Support

If you already have an IT team working with your business, we can work alongside them to provide support, monitor your infrastructure, and provide after hours assistance.

System Administration

Smooth operation, regular updates, and protection of systems and cloud platforms are essential functions of your IT support partner. Proactive approaches maintain system availability and accessibility.

Vendor Support

Trying to manage and coordinate many different vendors can be a headache for your team. We facilitate vendor support and eliminate blame games, streamlining business operations.

Network Monitoring

Ensure 24/7 operation of networks and systems. We vigilantly monitor critical systems, rapidly respond to issues, and guarantee swift resolution, minimising downtime impacts on your team.

IT Infrastructure Management

Our IT infrastructure management services ensure optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives while we handle the technical complexities.

M365 Platform Support

Equip your business with cutting-edge technology solutions. From precise tool selection to seamless integration, we ensure your tech stack aligns with your overarching goals.

Hardware & Software

We offer comprehensive end-to-end Microsoft 365 Platform support, ensuring streamlined operations, minimising disruptions, and fostering enhanced team collaboration for optimal productivity.

Security Management

We manage your organisation's security posture, focusing on threat detection, prevention, and response, proactively protecting your digital assets and minimising potential risks.

Is it time for your organisation to take control of its IT without breaking the budget on an IT staff recruitment drive?

Our team is ready to discuss the next steps you need to take on the tech-front and steer your organisation forward as an effective and efficient modern workplace.

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