Endpoint Detection & Response

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Safeguard your digital operations with our 24/7 surveillance, mitigating threats and reinforcing your business's security landscape.

As enterprises digitally transform, the role of EndPoint Detection & Response (EDR) is rapidly evolving from a security measure to a strategic necessity. EDR serves as the critical line of defence against sophisticated cyber threats that traditional methods fail to tackle, ensuring business continuity and reinforcing trust.

At Wyntec, we offer customised EDR services for round-the-clock surveillance of your IT infrastructure, ensuring prompt identification and neutralisation of emerging threats. Merging advanced EDR technology with the sharp expertise of our ThreatOps team, Wyntec delivers exceptional defence mechanisms, ensuring a smooth and secure operation of your business at all times. This end-to-end service ensures not just a secure, but also a stress-free IT environment for your business.

Wyntec’s EndPoint Detection & Response Solution

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EndPoint security

Defend your endpoints with event log monitoring for Windows and MacOS, enhanced breach detection, threat hunting, intrusion alerts, next-gen antivirus integrations, and more.

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Network security

Elevate your network’s safety with integrated firewall and edge device log monitoring, coupled with real-time threat assessment, DNS insights, and alerts for malicious connections.

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Cloud security

Enhance your cloud environment with Microsoft 365 event log surveillance, Azure AD oversight, monitoring of suspicious Microsoft 365 logins, and a comprehensive Secure Score assessment.

24x7 Managed Security Operations powered by
Cyber Security Experts

Threat intelligence & hunting

A comprehensive threat intelligence network, integrated insights, and advanced analysis methods. Track attackers and identify advanced threats with support from premium intel feed partners.


MITRE ATT&CK mapping & expert analysts eliminate noise and confirm genuine threats, enhancing response efficiency and reducing the risk of missing unknown threats.


Continuous real-time tracking of malicious activities. Identify unauthorised services, connections, and movements such as links to regions of concern and unauthorised TCP/UDP services.

SIEMless log

Efficiently monitor, search, and alert on threat vectors across endpoints, networks, and the cloud. Identify risks with precision and speed, all without the need for traditional SIEM solutions.

Supercharge your Cyber Security defence today.

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