Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy relates to all data collected by Wyntec’s interactions with our clients, suppliers, contractors, and staff.

This policy outlines the No Reservations t/a Wyntec’s approach to the recording, release and retention of information. We recognize and respect everyone’s right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in all aspects of his or her life. Recognition is given to the fact that our client records are commercially sensitive, confidential and legal documents which are an integral component of our service delivery to our clients.
It is Wyntec’s, our staff and contractor’s duty to provide quality services to our clients. The acquisition and retention of relevant client information is essential to fulfilling this commitment. It is the right of our company’s clients to have their confidentiality and privacy respected. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that a high standard of information acquisition and recording is achieved. Client confidentiality and privacy are respected and that written and spoken information is protected from access and use by any unauthorised persons.
  1. Information about an individual, corporation or government entity, that is required for service delivery will be sought with written consent.
  2. For each client, Wyntec will:
    • Create individual records,
    • Encrypt the storage of the data,
    • Ensure the confidentiality and Integrity of the data, and
    • Accurately record all relevant document changes.
  3. Purpose of client records
    • To ensure the existence of an adequate information base to facilitate the identification, implementation and delivery of quality services.
    • To maintain documentation of a legally acceptable standard.
    • To maintain records about each client and the service provision.
    • To provide information for reporting purposes.
  4. Access to client records
    • As all client information is confidential, all client records will be stored in a secure vault at all times.
    • Only authorised staff and contractors will have controlled access to client information/records.
    • Client records are the property of Wyntec, but clients may have supervised access to their own records following written a request, either by mail or electronically, and authorisation by an executive of the company.
  5. Disclosure of client Information
    • Information contained in a client’s record will only be disclosed with the written consent of the client, specifying the information that is to be released, except for non-identifying data required by funding bodies and by government departments for planning purposes.
    • Wyntec is obliged to disclose information about a client, with or without the client’s consent, where prescribed as a legal requirement.
  6. Record retention period The retention period of our company’s client records is as follows:
    • Data, electronic and paper based, will be retained for the duration of the contract.
    • A single copy of Wyntec’s computer record detailing basic information about the client and relevant details of service delivery will be retained in a secure environment as a permanent service record.
  1. Client record disposal
    • Following the expiration of the appropriate data retention period, the paper file will be shredded under secure conditions.
    • All electronic data will be securely destroyed except for a single copy of Wyntec’s electronic record detailing basic information about the client and relevant details of service delivery which will be retained in a secure environment as a permanent service record.