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Protecting Against Advanced Phishing Attacks

Egress and Wyntec bring you a comprehensive solution that combines intelligent detection technologies to mitigate the risk of data breaches caused by human error for protection against advanced phishing threats.

Egress Defend: Your Defence against
today’s top threats

Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a cyberattack where criminals use social engineering tactics to impersonate or hijack a legitimate business email account to trick targets into transferring funds or revealing sensitive information. BEC attacks are hard to detect, and signature-based email security systems are not effective in preventing financial loss and reputational damage.

Supply Chain

Supply chain attacks leverage a single compromised vendor to gain entry into multiple customers' systems. Email threats from trusted suppliers are difficult to detect, leaving businesses exposed to data breaches, financial losses, and account takeover. Traditional email security measures struggle to detect phishing emails from trusted domains, putting businesses at risk.

Invoice and Payment Frauds

Invoice and payment frauds are a significant concern for businesses, with Accounts Payable departments being a prime target for attackers due to the financial power they hold. Attackers send fake invoices, hoping to be paid without suspicion or will socially engineer victims to make the scam seem legitimate, often leading to expensive consequences.

Impersonation Attacks

Impersonation attacks are a growing threat to businesses, as cybercriminals evolve their email impersonation techniques to bypass security measures. Identifying genuine emails from fake ones is left up to employees, which can result in data breaches, fraudulent payments, and credential theft. It's crucial to detect impersonation attempts to protect against these risks.


Ransomware attacks typically begin with a phishing email, which can escalate to Business Email Compromise and result in the sale of the compromised account to a ransomware actor. As threat actors find new ways to deliver ransomware payloads, traditional detection techniques are falling behind, leaving little margin for error.

Account Takeover

ATO attacks pose a significant threat to businesses since cybercriminals can cause considerable damage once they obtain a user's credentials. Traditional detection methods are ineffective as threat actors use legitimate sources to send emails, making it difficult to detect. Proper security measures are essential to prevent ATO and safeguard businesses against potential data breaches.

Egress Defend in Action: Use Case Scenarios

Protecting Your Organisation from Advanced Phishing Attacks and Data Loss

Egress bolsters Microsoft 365 email security with added protection against advanced email threats. Its solution detects and prevents phishing attacks, malware, and data leaks, and uses machine learning to identify potential threats. The tool also includes encrypted messaging and file transfer features, making email communication and collaboration more secure. Egress strengthens businesses’ email security while enabling safe communication and collaboration.

  • Dynamic inbound threat detection in Microsoft 365
  • Prevent data loss from misdirected emails and wrong attachments
  • Automatically prevent data exfiltration over email
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Augment your Security Awareness and Training Program

Egress enhances security awareness training by using real-world scenarios and simulated phishing attacks to train employees on how to respond to threats. The solution includes interactive training modules, in-the-moment training interventions, and personalised training plans for each employee. Augmenting security awareness training with Egress helps businesses reduce the risk of data breaches and strengthens their security posture by ensuring that employees are equipped to detect and respond to threats.


  • Easy-to-understand anti-phishing insights​
  • Intelligent, real-time alerts to prevent outbound data loss​
  • Intelligent anti-phishing detection displayed via dynamic heat-based alerts.

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