Security Assessment

Uncover vulnerabilities and strengthen your cyber defences

Wyntec introduces the Cyber Security Assessment

Amidst rapidly evolving digital threats, securing your organisation’s data, systems, and personnel is more critical than ever. At Wyntec, we go beyond acknowledging these challenges; we actively engage them.

Our Cyber Security Assessment, powered by the Essential 8 framework, conducts a comprehensive analysis to identify and document vulnerabilities, offering tailored recommendations to ensure your security infrastructure is both robust and adaptive.

This proactive approach equips your organisation to effectively forecast and prepare for emerging cyber threats, ensuring robust operational stability.

  • Essential 8 Review

    Conduct a Cyber Security Assessment to identify vulnerabilities.

  • Dark Web Report

    Generate a report identifying any exposure on the dark web.

  • Microsoft 365 & Secure Score Assessment

    Evaluate Microsoft 365 security settings.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Perform external and internal assessments, including pen-testing.

  • Analyse Insights

    Review findings from the discovery phase.

  • Develop security strategy

    Create a tailored security solution.

  • Ensure Compliance

    Align solutions with legal and industry standards.

  • Recommendations Report

    Provide customised advice and strategies report detailing potential vulnerabilities.

  • Implement Recommendations

    Execute recommendations from discovery and solution stages.

  • Seamless Integration

    Ensure measures are smoothly integrated into existing systems.

  • Enhance Efficiency

    Improve operational efficiency with new security measures.

  • Align with Goals

    Ensure cybersecurity solutions match organisational objectives.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Provide 24x7 real-time oversight.

  • Support Services

    Offer ongoing support and assistance.

  • Immediate Response

    Respond promptly to emerging threats.

Why invest in a cyber security assessment?


Risk Mitigation

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your organisation’s security infrastructure.


Compliance Ready

Ensure your business meets all relevant legal and industry standards, avoiding penalties.


Enhanced Reputation & Customer Assurance

Enhance customer confidence, protect reputation, and ensure long-term stability.


Tailored Solutions

Provide customised strategies designed to address your organisation’s security needs.


Prevent Financial Loss

Prevent costly breaches and downtime by addressing vulnerabilities early.


Operational Efficiency

Boost productivity by aligning security protocols with organisational goals.

Cyber security assessments are proactive measures that protect an organisation’s digital assets, reputation, and financial well-being from the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Your Outcome

Our tailored cyber security assessment culminates in a customised, high-priority security strategy. This strategy integrates control and risk assessment insights with your business’s unique context and maturity objectives. Designed to maximise risk reduction, it is presented through a Board-ready improvement roadmap, delivering a comprehensive solution to your organisation’s cybersecurity needs.


Essential 8 Review

A thorough evaluation of your cyber security measures against the Essential 8 framework, designed to enhance your cyber resilience.


Dark Web Report

Provides detailed insights into potential compromises of your business data on the dark web, highlighting specific risks and vulnerabilities.


Website Security Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation aimed at securing your online presence from emerging threats by identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing protective measures.


Microsoft 365 & Secure Score Assessment

Provides detailed insights into your Microsoft 365 setup to maximise security effectiveness and optimise your system’s overall security posture.


External and Internal Vulnerability Assessment (Pen-Test)

A dual-layer penetration test designed to uncover and detail exploitable vulnerabilities within your organisation’s internal and external networks.


Recommendations and Remediation Strategies Report

Provides actionable advice and targeted strategies tailored to fortify your security posture and enhance your overall cybersecurity resilience.

Cyber security assessments are proactive measures that protect an organisation’s digital assets, reputation, and financial well-being from the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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