Wyntec CyberAssess

Navigating Cyber Security: Demystified and Streamlined for Success

Wyntec introduces CyberAssess

Transforming cyber security complexities into straightforward strategies that propel your business growth.

CyberAssess is the quintessential service your organisation requires to tackle complex cyber security challenges. We simplify the labyrinth of security frameworks, steering you from initial maturity assessment through to strategic planning, all without needing specialist knowledge or hiring costly external consultants.

With a meticulous review of over 1,000 security controls, we deliver a comprehensive and comprehensible controls assessment that aligns with your business needs. We also facilitate the identification and prioritisation of common risk scenarios, customised to your control coverage and maturity. The outcome? A robust, tailored cyber security strategy that propels your business growth. CyberAssess – your trusted guide in this essential journey.

Crucial Challenges CyberAssess Tackles

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63% of organisations fail to assess and remedy their key risks

41 icon colour

41% of firms lack an effective framework for progress mapping.

SecurityUpgrades icon colour

Security upgrades often driven by urgent, immediate threats.

OperationsModel icon colour

External consultants provide snapshots, not sustainable operations

QualifiedStaff icon colour

Hiring and retaining qualified staff for security improvement is challenging.

The CyberAssess Journey

ContextGoal icon colour

Context & Goals

Your journey begins with aligning to your information security ambitions, identifying key assets, and selecting the most suitable framework.

MaturityEvaluation icon colour

Maturity Evaluation

We then delve into assessing the maturity of your control deployment, benchmarking it against your chosen framework.

StrategyCreation icon colour

Strategy Creation

The voyage concludes with the formulation of a bespoke security improvement strategy, encapsulating a distinct, tri-phased roadmap to bolster your business security.

Your Outcome: A Board-Ready Cyber Strategy Report

CyberAssess culminates in a customised, high-priority security strategy, intertwining control and risk assessment insights with your business’s unique context and maturity objectives. This strategy, tailored to maximise risk reduction, is presented through a Board-ready improvement roadmap, delivering a comprehensive solution to your organisation’s cybersecurity needs.

Sections in your report

  • 1

    Executive Brief

    A succinct summary highlighting key objectives and findings.

  • 2

    Selected Framework

    Details of your chosen framework's alignment with our assessment.

  • 3

    Control / Gap Analysis

    Comprehensive review and upgrade suggestions for your security maturity.

  • 4

    Risk Evaluation

    Prioritised depiction of top 15 cyber risk scenarios.

  • 5

    Guided Recommendations

    Customised advice for security enhancement based on risk-reduction algorithms.

  • 6


    Extensive data resources for further in-depth analysis when needed.

Is your business at risk? Take our Assessment and discover your cyber vulnerabilities.

Our 12 question assessment will help you identify where you are vulnerable and provide you with the support your organisation needs to stay one step ahead of a cyber breach.


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