How vulnerable is your organisation's cyber security?

Are your staff equipped with the knowledge and training to be the first line of defence against malware and cyber-attacks, or are they an all-too-easy access point for hackers to enter your business? Take our Assessment and discover your cyber vulnerabilities.

Is your business at risk?

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind of change for our customers, our systems and particularly for our staff. The race to deliver secure flexible workplaces rapidly was one particular pain point felt by many of us. Taking stock of all these changes and what security implications and vulnerabilities these changes have left us with are crucial for a safer, secure 2022.

Our 12 question assessment will help you identify where you are vulnerable and provide you with the support your organisation needs to stay one step ahead of a cyber breach.

Our Cyber Vulnerabilities Assessment will cover the following to provide the big picture when it comes to cyber security in your organisation:

Once complete, you will receive a Cyber Secure Rating with a follow-up Vulnerabilities Report with actionable insights from one of our experienced team members. We will then support you in identifying the next steps you need to take to identify and rectify the gaps and vulnerabilities in your cyber strategy and training.