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Expert IT with Wyntec IT Leadership as a Service

The technology landscape continues to expand, with innovations constantly popping up, providing a competitive edge for those who adopt and deploy the right options at the right time. 

Navigating all these potential technology additions and refinements is a lot to process. Ensuring you have the right IT strategy to optimise your organisation’s performance and take on whatever is next can be extremely challenging.

Here at Wyntec, we live and breathe IT. We have developed an IT leadership service to utilise our expertise to help strategically guide your people, processes and technology forward to drive efficiency and profitability to help your business reach its goals.

Our ITLaaS solution offers your organisation the experienced support needed to take the leap forward in its digital strategy with technology fuelled innovations that will get the most out of your people and enhance your processes and the tech that drives them.

The benefits of our
IT Leadership as a Service offering

Access to expertise

IT leadership as a service provides you experienced IT leaders who can offer guidance and strategic direction.

Disruption & Innovation

Wyntec can bring new ideas, identify emerging technologies and provide guidance on implementation.

Focus on core business activities

We enable your organisation to focus on core business activities, improving productivity and efficiency.

Reduced risk

Wyntec can help you mitigate technology-related risks such as cybersecurity and compliance issues.

Access to technology resources

With our extensive industry experience, we can offer access to a wide range of technology resources and tools.

Cost savings

Outsourcing IT leadership to Wyntec will save money on hiring a full-time CIO or IT leader.


Customised solutions, including guidance on technology strategy, implementation of new technology and ongoing support can be provided.


Wyntec can scale services based on your changing needs, helping you to adapt without hiring additional staff.

Improved collaboration

Wyntec can work with your existing IT staff or providers to improve collaboration and communication, leading to more effective problem-solving.

Our framework for IT success

IT Leadership as a Service (ITLaaS) is a service framework that provides businesses with a comprehensive IT expertise to manage your IT infrastructure more efficiently, effectively, and securely. Depending on the chosen service level, our ITLaaS framework consists of several key components that can include:

IT Leadership

We provide IT leadership services that offer high-level strategic advice to align your business goals with the right technology. Our experts create an annual Strategic IT Plan, consult with your senior management team, and manage IT performance while guiding you through the crowded vendor marketplace.

IT budgeting

Let us help you maximise your IT investments by formulating strategic IT budgets tailored to your business objectives. With our expertise in the tech industry, we invest your budget in beneficial technology and continuously monitor IT performance to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Network and
cyber security

As businesses rely more on IT, cybersecurity becomes critical. Our IT leadership role secures your IT ecosystem by guiding you to the right software and services to protect your data. We stay ahead of hackers and cybercriminals, keeping your security systems rock solid and your valuable business data safe.

Support strategic
vendor relationships

Trust us as your IT management experts to handle strategic vendor relationships. We manage IT vendors, from subscriptions to contracts, ensuring the best value for investment and strong relationships with your vendors.

Advice on new technology

As remote work grows, businesses face tech challenges. We stay up-to-date on the latest advancements to help identify the right tools for a seamless work experience, no matter the location. Trust us to guide you through the crowded remote work tech marketplace and achieve your goals.

Creating a tech roadmap

We create a tech roadmap that aligns with your business goals, ensuring long-term success. Our expertise in both technology and business fundamentals enables us to future-proof your IT systems and navigate the ever-changing technology landscape.

Operational efficiencies

Tailored tech boosts productivity. Streamlined communication and collaboration in an optimised ecosystem allows for peak performance. We identify the best systems for your business processes, maximising your team's potential.

Technology leadership on demand

Our service provides executive leadership to assist direct your company’s IT strategy and to ensure that it aligns with your company goals. We will handle high-level issues, such as data privacy and strategic tech initiatives and continuously assess tech-related policies and procedures and implement new ones.

IT Management as a Service Packages Entry
IT Leadership
Dedicated Executive on-site in your office [Tom Freer]
Monthly Meeting with your Board/Senior Management
Head IT Steering Committee Objectives

1 Day / Month

1 Day / Fortnight

1 Day / Week

Information Technology Budgeting
Plan your IT Budgets

Creating a Tech Roadmap
Formulate strategic IT Goals
Infrastructure and Systems Architecture

Advice on New Technology
Advice and Guidance on New Technology & Initiatives

Network and Cyber Security
Network & Cyber Security Guidance

Support Strategic Vendor Relationships
3rd Party & Strategic Vendor Management

Operational Efficiencies
Analyse and re-work Business process requirements
Facilitate Required technology changes

Oversight on all IT Projects & Engagements
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