Cyber Security Awareness Program

Human error is the cause of 95% of cyber breaches^. Can you really afford for your staff not to be up to speed on cyber awareness?

The Cyber Solution for your organisation? Assess / Educate / Reinforce / Change

Every day the size of your organisation’s digital footprint grows – more data, more staff, more devices all from new locations. All of this is at risk of cyber attacks and breaches, and these risks are not going away. This is why cyber security awareness is important

Wyntec are the Aussie experts in all things cyber and have developed a comprehensive program to ensure your organisation does not end up amongst the ACSC’s cybercrime figures next year. 

^ The Hacker News
* The ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report

The ACSC saw 67,500 cybercrimes reported in Australia last financial year, a 13% increase. This cost Aussie businesses a whopping $33 billion dollars, and the cause of the majority of these breaches? Human error*.

Wyntec’s Cyber Security Awareness Program covers all the critical areas necessary to ensure your team evolves from cyber vulnerabilities into your first line of defense.

Compromised Account Reviews

Spear Phishing Simulations

User Knowledge & Risk Profile Assessment

Corporate Threat Profile Assessment

Cyber Vulnerabilities Analysis Report

Team Training

Reinforcement Tools & Resources

Self Assess

How Cyber secure is your organisation?

Is your team putting you at risk of a breach? Take our Cyber Vulnerability Assessment and see where you stand on cyber.

Answer our 20 Question Assessment to gauge where your company stacks up when it comes to cyber security and what are the security gaps and cyber lessons your organisation needs to learn.

Cyber Security Awareness Program Information Pack

Our complimentary info pack will give you all the background details and detail all the steps involved for you to begin your journey towards a safer, cyber-secure organisation.

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