Wyntec at the Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition

Wyntec at the Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition

For over 30 years, the Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition (QME) has been a cornerstone of the mining industry in Mackay, showcasing the innovation and excellence of suppliers. Join Wyntec this year between Tuesday, 23 – Thursday, 25 July, for the latest innovations in the mining sector, including our cyber security services and the technology solutions we provide in partnership with Cato Networks, Access4, and Kaseya.

QME is an unmissable event for industry leaders, experts and stakeholders. It provides a comprehensive forum for exchanging ideas, engaging with the latest technological advancements, and networking. By encapsulating the innovation and resilience of the mining community, QME offers invaluable insights and opportunities for those committed to advancing in this evolving sector.

How Wyntec supports mining companies with Cato Networks

Wyntec’s partnership with Cato Networks brings mining organisations the benefits of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Software-Defined Wide-Area-Network (SD-WAN). We transform network security and operational efficiency by combining our deep industry knowledge with Cato Networks’ leading-edge SASE and SD-WAN technologies. When tailored to meet the needs of mining organisations, SASE and SD-WAN provide scalable and robust support under the most challenging conditions.

Our partnership with Cato Networks provides our mining clients with: 

  • A cloud-native network 
  • Elastic and scalable services
  • Reliable, global coverage
  • Network security in a single architecture

Often located in remote or difficult areas, mining operations require stable and resilient network connectivity to function effectively. The global reach and cloud-native infrastructure of Cato Networks ensures reliable, high-performance network capabilities. This infrastructure maintains uninterrupted connectivity and comprehensive protection for all organisational resources.

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Supporting communication in partnership with Access4

Our partnership with Access4 focuses on improving business communications through cloud-based systems. The Access4 Product Suite encapsulates:

  • Hosted Voice consolidates all your communication tools into a singular platform to boost collaboration and productivity.
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) transforms business communication in Australia and New Zealand by migrating traditional voice systems to a cloud-based platform. UCaaS uses carrier-grade infrastructure to enhance connectivity, streamline workflows, and improve productivity.
  • Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) provides a powerful, intuitive platform that simplifies processes, speeds up response times, and reduces costs.

Access4’s solutions streamline communication processes, enhance collaboration, and support remote work environments. Our proficiency in deploying and managing Access4’s cloud-based solutions ensures that each business benefits from a customised approach aligned with its specific requirements. Our partnership enhances internal workflows and customer service capabilities. We also provide support and a range of customisation options, enabling mining organisations to get the most from their investment.

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Building cyber security through awareness training and network vulnerability testing

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Today’s mining organisations have a growing digital footprint encompassing staff accessing data across distributed locations. All this activity increases the attack surface. Even if you have implemented the right technology to prevent cyber threats, human error can undo your efforts. Our Cyber Security Awareness Training, delivered by our team at Layer 8 Security, trains your team on recognising and responding to potential threats so that they become your first line of defence rather than a vulnerability.

Network Vulnerability Testing

We complete network vulnerability testing to find and address weaknesses before a threat actor exploits them. This proactive approach pinpoints vulnerabilities early and deploys defences to maintain service integrity and availability. We further strengthen networks with integrated firewalls, edge device log monitoring, real-time threat assessments, DNS insights, and alerts for malicious connections.


At QME, we will demonstrate how our cyber security services and partnerships with Cato Networks, Access4 and Kaseya significantly benefit companies looking to upgrade their communications technology. At our booth, we will showcase the practical applications of our services in the mining and construction sectors. Our expertise in these areas makes us an ideal choice for businesses in the mining industry.

Join Wyntec at the Queensland Mining and Engineering Expo

Visit the Wyntec booth at QME to explore our latest innovations in mining technology, including Access4’s advanced communication platforms, Cato Networks’ secure connectivity solutions and Kaseya’s vPEN penetration testing. Experience firsthand how our products can transform your operations and secure your environments; we would love to discuss how we can support your business. Visit QME’s site to find more information about the event and to register.

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