Now is the time to embrace technology

Video Transcription:

Hey there, everybody, Tom Freer here just wanted to talk about today about embracing technology. We are living in some seriously crazy times at the moment, a lot of stresses, a lot of pressures, a lot of unknowns. But now is the time to really embrace technology in your business. Look at what you’ve got, how you’re using it. But more so how you can now use what you’ve got to work remotely. 

One of the biggest challenges we’re seeing with clients is quickly enabling people to get out work from home for their own health and their own safety and that of the community. We want businesses to keep going. And that’s got to be the number one priority throughout this process. So if you can use what you’ve got, limit people coming into the office and getting them working from home, it’s going to be great for everybody. Now, this isn’t about throwing huge amounts of money at it. There are ways that can be done quite cost effectively. And chances are, you’ve probably got a lot of the tech in place already. So really embrace what you’ve got really understand what you’ve got now is the time to start using it. 

Let’s get through this. Let’s get remote and we’ll make it.

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