COVID-19 has change the way we do business

Video Transcription:

Hey, good, everybody. It’s Tom Freer here.

 It’s a pretty average time in the world when we’re looking at what’s going on with the COVID 19 and the lockdowns that we’re seeing both here in Australia and throughout the world. But, look, it’s tough. And I feel for all those businesses that are out there are going through a tough time. I mean, we’re no different, but we’re looking at it as an opportunity here. And maybe that’s something you guys can be doing as well. What’s the opportunity for your business? 

We’re sort of being forced now to change the way we think about how we run our businesses, how we operate our businesses, how our team engage in our businesses, we’re being forced to that remote workforce. And people have been talking about that for years. As in remote working is the way of the future. Maybe that future has just come a little bit early. So, look, there is going to be an upside. And right bang in the thick of it now it’s tough. And no doubt you’re feeling it. I know we’re feeling it, but rest assured, we’re going to get through this.

And I think as businesses, we can work together, we can really support each other. And from our perspective, it’s about how can we support our clients and support the wider business base with getting better use out of their technology, getting your team working effectively from home, because, look, I think that’s the way it’s going to be for a little while. And, hey, who knows, this could be something that you could actually engage full on in your business. Moving forward, you could have the majority of your team working from home. Do you need a massive big office space anymore? These are some of the questions that now you’re being forced to ask. And this could be really good for the future. And we’re certainly asking the questions ourselves. And we’re helping our clients answer those questions about how they can use tech to make this happen for them. 

So, look, hang in there. This is tough and it’s going to be tough for the next little while. But I’m pretty optimistic guy. And I can see where this is going. And hopefully I’m optimistic we’re all going to get through it.

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