The Wyntec 4 Pillars of Technology

Video Transcription:

When we’re working with clients on a day to day basis, we’re really structuring a lot of the technology around four key pillars, and I think it’s really important that businesses understand that everything today is skills on technology in your business. Technology underpins all the functions, all the workflow, all the systems within your business, regardless of what you do. 

So, what we’ve come up with is four key pillars around how to enable technology to support your business. The first one is really around systems. It’s about the infrastructure, the operating systems, the tools and platforms that are using. We then look at the support aspect. So you’ve got to be able to make sure those systems are running, that your users and your team have access to a support channel where they can ask questions and get answers, where things can be monitored and managed, all that type of stuff. You then got a security pillar, and that’s about securing your business, securing your data, securing your team, making sure you’re protecting that data, your clients, data, your vendors, data, your partner’s data. So it’s all about protection of that data. And the final pillar is around strategy. So the strategy aspect is about how do you get the most out of all the technology you’ve got. It’s about how does technology truly integrate with your business plan and how you’re using technology to execute on your business outcomes. So that’s where we see the four pillars.

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