Enable remote working with NetConnect

Video Transcription:

Hey, everybody, it’s Tom Freer here.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been helping a lot of clients mobilise their team, getting their team work remotely. Some of the big challenges around that is that people aren’t ready for for that remote work capability. They still have internal servers. Vpn services are a bit clunky, particularly when people can’t take their devices home. And we’re trying to set up a home machines. So of late, we’ve actually been working with clients so they can start to utilize the infrastructure they’ve already got in their network.

Utilize the desktop PCs that are just going to be sitting idle when people work from home. And we’ve been using a product called Netconnect, which is essentially allowing our clients via a web page to have their team work from any machine they’ve got at home, login connect to their local computer and continue working pretty much as if they were working in the office. There are ways and means it’s not a huge expense, and it doesn’t mean reengineering your network. We’d love to have a chatted. You’re really having any troubles getting access to your systems and running it? Give me a call. Drop me a note. I’ll put the details below. We can have a chat and work out how we can help you get your team mobilised.

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