Remote work is here to stay

Video Transcription:

Is remote work here to say? yes. Remote work is not going anywhere. And to be honest, it probably should have been actually taken up a lot sooner, obviously, with what’s happening in the world and what has happened, it’s forced a lot of businesses hand to really we have to go and remote work. So how do we make this happen? I think it’s actually been beneficial, and I think moving forward is going to offer a lot of benefits not only to organizations but to members of the team.

It’s going to mean that businesses thought about how they can provide that truly flexible workplace. Yet there are some things that you just can’t get away from having to be in a particular location. But the rest of the other areas of your business where that same function can be done from home, can be done remotely. Look at how you can really enable your team to do that. That’s going to offer them more benefit, but you don’t want to force them down that path. Some people love working in the office, given the option. 

I think we’re in this unique opportunity to revision how we run business and how your team can engage with your business and your clients. Remote working, video Conferencing all those sorts of things have really flourished during this time, and I know for me I think it’s something we’re going to continue to work with and continue to increase. It’s never going to replace that face to face, and it’s never going to replace the lunch and the handshakes. Although I’m not sure we’re going to be able to shake hands often, but it’s not going to replace those things and it’s nor is it supposed to, but it’s about how can you be more effective using remote working, using those tools to get more from what you want to do in the day.

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