How does Office 365 Help with Remote Work?

Video Transcription:

G’day, everybody. It’s Tom Freer here.

Look, today just going to quickly touch on Office 365 and how this can really help you get your team working more effectively remotely. 

Chances are you’ve probably already got three, six, five. I’ve been and you’re probably just using it for email. Now is really the time to start looking at everything else that’s included in there. Your team is going to need to be working more remotely. They’re going to be working from home. So you’re going to have to ensure that they’ve got access to the data they need, that they can still communicate and collaborate with each other in the team and also with your clients and suppliers and partners. 

So there’s a few things that you should look at. Certainly, Microsoft SharePoint is a good one. Start getting some files up there, get your data up into the cloud so people can start collaborating one drive. I mean, that’s great for your team to store their personal data. So if they are moving between the office and home, there’s still an opportunity there. And Microsoft Teams is probably the big one in this time where you can keep in touch with everybody of what’s going on. Get the quick chat happening, video conferencing sharing, file sharing desktop, taking control of your peers desktop to help them through that task that you might have to normally sit next to them and do so it’s not going to stop you doing what you need to to do, the platform’s there, and now’s the time to really embrace it and get going with it.

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