Wyntec and Layer 8 Security merge to boost their cyber security capabilities

Wyntec and Layer 8 Security combine to meet the latest threats through comprehensive cyber security solutions.

The merger will enable Wyntec and Layer 8 Security to expand their collective portfolio and create a one-stop-shop for clients to access end-to-end cyber security solutions. Together, they will provide cyber security governance, risk and training. This will be further complemented with cyber security implementation, along with support and monitoring.

In this partnership, Wyntec will place a stronger focus on implementing cyber security solutions for their clients, specifically within the Microsoft stack. Layer 8 Security will focus on the ‘people’ element with cyber security awareness training, cyber escape rooms and risk and compliance solutions.

Through this merger, both companies aim to make cyber security easy to understand and emphasise that containing cyber risks is now the responsibility of everyone in the organisation.

Tom Freer, the CEO of Wyntec, stated: “I am very excited to have the Wyntec and Layer 8 teams working together in delivering outcomes for our clients. We aim to improve our clients’ confidence in meeting their cyber security and compliance requirements. Layer 8’s services are a natural extension of Wyntec and add great value to what we already do.”

Wyntec and Layer 8 Security began working together in 2019 and have now found an opportunity to deliver a comprehensive security solution that combines people, processes and technology. Together, they will provide robust solutions for current clients and generate growth opportunities to service new customers.

Jesse de Haan, Layer 8 Security’s Managing Director, noted: “Cyber security is no longer IT’s responsibility. In today’s world, it is everyone’s responsibility. People represent a larger threat to your organisation than technology does. We cannot mute, turn off or patch humans. Just because a person has awareness or knowledge, does not mean they will behave correctly or do as the company policy states.”

About Wyntec

Founded in 2010, Wyntec offers managed IT services to support people, speed up processes, and manage technology. They deliver cyber security, cloud computing, IT operations, and digital transformation solutions. Wyntec focuses on enabling ‘stress-free IT’ for everyone, whether they work in the office, at home or on the road.

Media Contact

Tom Freer
CEO, Wyntec
[email protected] 

About Layer 8 Security

Layer 8 Security, founded in 2011, reduces the impact and occurrence of cyber-crime by reinforcing the ‘Human Firewall’. They achieve this through testing, measuring and auditing staff knowledge, culture and attitudes. Layer 8 Security provides a complete managed service, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), to ensure cyber security awareness becomes an embedded part of organisational cultures.

Media Contact

Jesse de Haan
Managing Director, Layer 8 Security
[email protected]

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