Cyber Security

Security is a challenge for all business, but keeping your systems secure can minimise this risk

Cyber security is one of the biggest risks to all businesses and it is important that the right systems and solutions are in place. Not only having the right systems but ensuring they are monitored, reviewed and have a response plan in place should the unthinkable happen.

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Azure Sentinel

It’s not enough to have the right security in place, you need to have visibility of your systems and potential threats. Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native, scalable Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform monitored and managed by the Wyntec Security Team.

Endpoint Protection

With the complexity of Cyber Attacks solid traditional Anti-virus solutions are obsolete. A true endpoint protection solution provides zero-day response, real-time visibility and historical hunting capabilities.


Firewalls remain an effective means to protect your business and staff from external attacks, website compromise and web browsing protection. Whether it is physical, virtual and end user deployed, firewalls are a key component to your security strategy.

M365 Security & Compliance

Data Security and Compliance is required to meet regulatory obligations and leveraging your investment in Microsoft 365 provides a number of solutions to meet these requirements.


Having the hardware and software deployed and monitoring in place is great, but even the best solutions need to be checked. Vulnerabilities emerge from aging systems, incorrect configurations or known compromises and it’s important you continue to look for these.

Incident Response & Remediation

When something does happen how are you going to respond? Who is available to respond? How do you recover? Having the Wyntec team available can take away some of these unknowns in the event of a compromise.


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