Modern workplace collaboration has changed the face of business

Modern workplace collaboration has changed the face of busines

Coffee and beers were the glue of business relationships for many years. Your business essentially had one face, and that was yours across the table in a cafe.

Remote work en masse has completely shifted the foundation of how we conduct work and engage with customers and business partners. Your business has a new face. In fact, it has two new faces. 

Coffee talk may have left for the short term, but it will continue to support business relationships. So, your two new faces will appear across the table and over video calls.

Some customers may only get to see one face. Remote collaboration has demonstrated that you do not need to share a city for someone to be your customer. Modern workplace collaboration has widened the nets of business. And with that, you need to ensure you get your in-person and digital faces right.

Modern workplace collaboration is your competitive advantage

How well you implement modern workplace collaboration will become a competitive advantage for your business. As you can cast your net wider, you now have new opportunities to connect with more customers. If you can deliver an excellent digital experience on top of that, you will excel. 

Much of your success will be about rethinking the figurative ‘front door’ of your business. Picture what the literal ‘front door’ of your business used to be. Perhaps it was the foyer of your building, the elevator opening up onto your floor, or the door to your office.

Either way, you had a physical ‘front door’ that your customers entered to do business with you. That, too, has changed. 

We have largely replaced the physical world with the digital world. Now, your ‘front door’ is your website, social media channels, a Microsoft Teams meeting, the list goes on.

If you previously worked with customers within your home city or state, you can now cast your net wider when searching for business. Potential customers can enter your business through the digital ‘front door.’ Your level of accessibility to people all over the country or the world will become your new competitive advantage.

How modern workplace collaboration enhances meetings

Collaborating on modern workplace projects is easier than ever because modern technologies like video conferencing allow businesses to connect regardless of location. Your modern workplace can collaborate with customers and partners in your country or across the world.

Video conferencing, when done well, can enhance customer service and provide a suitable replacement for face-to-face communication with clients in different cities or states. Keep in mind that an excellent meeting is all about your delivery.

You cannot completely replicate the face-to-face experience with a digital experience, but you can work to deliver better digital engagement than your competitors. If customers have to engage digitally, they will forgive the lack of a coffee provided you deliver an engaging video experience.

Modern workplace collaboration tools has changed the face of business and have evolved such that video meetings can better mirror a conference room full of people. Solutions such as Microsoft Teams Rooms can transform your conference room into a space optimised for video meetings. So, you can conduct face-to-face meetings or connect with customers across the country with the click of a button.

What your modern workplace collaboration tools should include

Your modern workplace should have a system for sharing work across departments and enable people to collaborate easily with customers and partners.

You will need modern collaboration tools that support video conferencing and include the ability to create, share, and access files easily. Your video conferencing software should be easy for anyone to use and should not require specialised hardware or software to run. However, high-quality audio and video streaming are necessary and should be available on different devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Modern workplace collaboration often involves other technologies such as projectors, large format displays, and digital whiteboards that allow you to share your work faster without sacrificing quality.

Microsoft Teams is one platform that supports each of the points above. It provides a robust platform for interacting with customers and partners in real time without travelling to meet them. The right hardware can ensure that you and your customers have the best possible video experience each time you communicate.

How Wyntec enables modern workplace collaboration

Wyntec enables seamless communication with the Microsoft Teams platform and provides high-quality meeting room hardware, so your customers and partners have the best possible experience when communicating. With high-quality video conferencing, you can hold virtual meetings across distributed teams  without sacrificing experience or convenience. Your customers and staff can even attend via mobile devices from anywhere.
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