5 ways IT support for business should back your team

IT support for business

Robust technology creates the foundation of modern work, but this foundation is not complete without fast and accessible IT support.

I have spoken with business leaders about the issues they encountered with poor IT support, recently and in the past. Not all providers will guarantee the same support as part of their Service Level Agreement (SLA).

When looking for the right managed IT services Australia provider for your business, I recommend looking into the support they provide and ensuring they tick the following boxes.

IT support should be one phone call away

I am sure you can recall struggling to get hold of the customer service you needed. It might not have even been for an IT issue at work. You might have called a company as a consumer, waited in a long call queue and waited even longer to be redirected to another person once you connected with the first customer service agent.

Imagine your staff have a similar experience every time they have an issue with their laptop or an application. How much time do you think would be wasted? How frustrated and unsatisfied might they become in their job?

On any given day, your staff might experience myriad issues with their IT. They might have problems with their laptop, forget a password, or experience roadblocks when starting with your company (to name a few). A good IT support provider should only be one phone call away for everyone in your organisation. When all someone needs to do is pick up the phone, they minimise downtime and other interruptions to their work.

Good IT support should prioritise your problem

When an issue takes down a person or even an entire department of your business, people become frustrated as minutes or hours become lost to resolving tech problems. You can get your issues resolved fast when you have access to good customer service.

Good IT support should always prioritise your problems. Your provider should be available to resolve your issue quickly and at any time. For many, work no longer takes place between a strict nine to five schedule, and your IT support needs to understand that by delivering 24×7 support as a rule.

In addition, quick resolution of issues saves the business money. Most managed IT service providers charge a flat fee, including support whenever your staff needs it. As a result, you accrue less downtime.

When you know that your managed IT services provider has your back and can resolve issues quickly, you spend less time concerned about the problem and more time improving your products and services. It’s why we at Wyntec call it ‘stress-free IT’.

Customer service agents have specialised training to solve your issue

When your internal staff need to deal with IT problems, they may become quickly frustrated with the struggles of resolving an issue they are not familiar with. It wastes everyone’s time when something an expert could solve quickly becomes a problem that drains organisational time.

It is not enough to have people capable of picking up the phone and reciting instructions from a manual. IT support provides specially-trained staff for solving technical issues fast. Their customer service agents should have the proper training and will be familiar with your staff’s specific hardware and applications.

In addition to that, the customer service agents you speak to should know how to work with people worried or panicked about something not working. They need to be a calming presence capable of resolving the issue and getting your business back on track. It is not just about ensuring business continuity, fixing a problem calmly and quickly is simply a more productive approach.

Provide cyber security support to keep you moving

You might feel tired of reading about it by now, but we cannot deny the importance of cyber security to modern work. It even becomes a point you should consider when examining the support provided by a managed IT services provider.

Good IT support can help you keep your business safe from cyber threats and provide security solutions to protect your business from attacks. A secure IT infrastructure can protect your company’s data and keep your systems running smoothly. IT support will stay up-to-date with the latest security threats and can provide advice for recognising and managing them.

They can also help you recover from an attack. Downtime costs your business a great deal in money, productivity, and damages to your reputation. IT support should be on hand to restore your business to normal operations quickly.

IT support for business saves you money in the long term

Cost-saving is a key benefit of managed IT services due to the fixed cost structure, but access to the proper support contributes to cost savings in less obvious ways.

You will have less downtime, and your employees will be able to work more efficiently. IT support can help you avoid costly mistakes by solving problems quickly and efficiently. When the burden of resolving IT issues no longer falls on the shoulders of your in-house team, they can focus on tasks that bring value to the business.

Additionally, you’ll be able to get help with fixing problems quickly, which will minimise the amount of data loss. Good IT support saves time and your business money in the long run as you are not paying people to waste time troubleshooting.

For example, if you have an issue beyond the bandwidth of your in-house team, you might pay to bring in an IT specialist. You need to pay this person every time you leverage their services, and it becomes a cumulative cost in addition to what you already pay for your IT infrastructure.

Wyntec’s promise as an IT support provider

Modern work runs on a firm technology foundation that requires your people, processes and technology to remain aligned. When your technology works, you can focus on delivering outstanding results for your clients.

Unfortunately, too many businesses come up against problems that keep their IT staff and service providers fighting fires and charging for repeat work. At Wyntec, we analyse your systems, provide feedback on the necessary improvements and remain available to you (24×7) for any support you need.

Visit our IT Operations page for more on how we deliver stress-free IT.

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