Avoid that stress at all costs! Engage with an IT team with your business’ best interests in mind.

IT & Technology Specialists for your Finance Business.

Compliance, Regulatory Requirements, Availability of Systems – the list goes on for our Financial services clients and no doubt your business is seeing these ever changing needs. Much of these requirements rely heavily on your technology capability. In order to keep up, leverage your business successfully, and just get on with running the day to day activities, you need an IT and technology system that keeps the numbers ticking over.

Thats why we specialise in working with CEO’s, CFO’s and Business Leaders in the Financial Services industry. We understand your particular challenges, we know what to expect, and how to minimise risk and downtime, and make sure your business systems stay compliant and at an optimal level.  Your time is precious and should be spent on your core business, not on stressing about your IT not working.

That’s why you can rely on Wyntec. From ongoing technical support, IT support, network systems and assistance, and just finding the best possible, most fuss-free solution for your specific business requirements, Wyntec will make it easier for you. Because, really, you just want your IT to work around the clock so you can get on with running your business.

Our IT Solutions for the Finance Industry

For years, we’ve been helping businesses to deliver outstanding products and services by providing them a Stress Free IT strategy, support and services. Our services help your management and staff to get on with your core business functions without the normal hassles of IT that is mismatched, difficult to master and expensive to maintain.

Our IT methodology & Services will help you to:

Place Your Business on a Firm IT Foundation

We’ll ensure that every part of your business runs on a safe, secure & efficient IT foundation & that you experience “Stress Free IT”

Get Your IT Strategy Aligned with Your Business Goals

We’ll get your IT systems working with you instead of against you and help you to hit your business goals faster using the latest IT systems, software & cloud solutions.

Help You Remain Proactive & In Control

By taking a planned & proactive approach to IT, we’ll help everyone in your business to enjoy productive & meaningful work everyday, uninhibited by old ineffective IT systems.It’s time for Stress Free IT!

What you will achieve with us

For many businesses in the financial services industry, IT issues and breakdowns are the last thing their owners, C-suite executives and managers need. It’s confusing, and with deadlines looming, it’s even harder to know which option to choose. One thing they do know is that that they don’t need a break down of any sort to keep the business going.

Our clients, however know what it means to experience “Stress Free IT”.

That’s when they know that the Wyntec team will be on the case should a problem arise, and have everything running smoothly without causing further stress for them. It’s a feeling of confidence.

The preparation is key – knowing which IT and technology strategies are right for your business so that risk and downtime is minimized, and that the business operations are maximized. If you want more time to run your business, and less time worrying about your IT, just get in touch.


Build a stronger IT foundation today.

Let us help you figure out what’s best for your business and what going to set you up for the future.


Get Your IT strategy working for your towards your goals

We’ll design a strategy that will get you to where you want to go, quickly, easily & affordable.


Get things back under control.

No more fighting fires, and messing about. We’ll get your IT sorted once & for all.

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