Top 12 IT challenges facing Aussie firms in 2024

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By the end of 2020, 64% of Australians in small to medium sized businesses were working remotely, and this trend shows no signs of changing.

The days of showing up at your office or workplace and considering it as work are long gone. Work is now what you do, not a place you go. Rather than cubicles and office floors, we now have devices, applications and flexible staff timeframes to manage and secure as the new normal for workforce management.

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Recent shifts in work dynamics and daily operations have introduced significant changes, challenging the aspects of security, profitability, and workforce management. Considering these evolutions, the experts at Wyntec have identified 12 critical challenges currently facing firms in the Australian market. They’ve also outlined technology solutions, supported by seasoned professionals, designed to help your organisation navigate these challenges efficiently, enabling you to achieve more, with greater flexibility, from any location.



Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Harness AI to drive innovation and competitive edge in their industries.


Modern Network

Transform network infrastructure for agility, security, and scalability.


Cyber Awareness

Protect your organisation from evolving cyber threats effectively.


Keeping Your Firm Cyber Secure

Prioritise cyber security in the hybrid workspace to safeguard your business.


Modernising The Workplace

Integrate technology for flexibility, collaboration, and enhanced cyber security.


Keeping Your FIrm Cyber Secure

Ensure resilience through comprehensive continuity and disaster recovery strategies


Data Compliance, Governance and Protection

Navigate data compliance, governance, and protection for business integrity.


Business Optimisation

Utilise technology to optimise business processes for efficiency and growth.


Hiring and Retention

Adapt strategies to meet evolving workforce expectations and retain top talent.


Diversified Customer Engagement Channels

Adapt to digital-first consumer interactions to sustain and grow business.


Engaging Partners and Customers

Foster meaningful digital engagements with partners and customers


Predictability of IT Spend

Achieve predictable IT spend with strategic outsourcing and operational expenditure models.