Be confident that your technology is setup to never collapse, then get on with running your business.

We know IT for your Business

We specialise in working with CEO’s, CFO’s and Business Leaders and we understand your particular challenges. We know what to expect, and how to minimise risk and downtime, and make sure your productivity stay at an optimal level.  Your time is precious and should be spent on your core business, not on stressing about your IT not working.

You will have seen dramatic changes to business in your time. Technology-wise, things are very different. And in order to keep up, leverage your business successfully, and just get on with running the day to day activities, you need an IT and technology system that is tough as nails.

That’s why you can rely on Wyntec. From ongoing technical support, IT support, network systems and assistance, and just finding the best possible, most fuss-free solution for your specific business requirements, Wyntec will make it easier for you. Because, really, you just want your IT to work around the clock so you can get on with running your business.

IT Outsourcing For Your Business

Discover how to reduce cost, risk and stress by outsourcing your IT to a local company like Wyntec.

Common IT Problems for Businesses

In this technology revolution, your business doesn’t just use technology, it’s completely dependent on IT. Your entire operation is at the mercy of your IT hardware, software and services. If your IT goes down, your business goes down.

Because of this we’ve found that many Business Owners and C-Suite managers can at times suffer from IT related stress caused by 3 fundamental issues in their business.

Many businesses suffer because they’re :

Built On Poor IT Foundations

IT is often seen as an annoying expense rather than a fundamental business foundation so many companies run on a mix of old & new systems, things don’t work well & they experience problems all the time!

Business & IT Strategy are not Aligned

When your IT strategy is not aligned with your business goals and service delivery standards, IT becomes a frustrating “necessary evil” instead of the most productive and cost effective partner on your team.

Failing to Take Proactive Approach

When businesses fail to proactively define, design and deploy the right IT support strategy, they spend their days “putting out fires” and getting frustrated by the lack of effectiveness and productivity. Poor IT always costs more!

Our IT Strategy Process


We take the time to know you and understand your business, requirements, objectives and the existing technology landscape.


We'll help you to design a complete IT system for every area of your business that will save you time and money.


We will set you up with the hardware, software or cloud to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business and your team.


We will ensure that your technolgoy stays aligned with your goals and that all your IT is monitored and supported 24x7.

Is Your Technology Helping Your Achieve Your Business Goals?

Learn how do reach your business goals through the use of the right technology!


What you will achieve with us

For many construction and building businesses, IT issues and breakdowns are the last thing their owners, C-suite executives and managers need. It’s confusing, and with deadlines looming, it’s even harder to know which option to choose. One thing they do know is that that they don’t need a break down of any sort to keep the business going.

Our clients, however know what it means to experience “Stress Free IT”.
That’s when they know that the Wyntec team will be on the case should a problem arise, and have everything running smoothly without causing further stress for them. It’s a feeling of confidence.

The preparation is key – knowing which IT and technology strategies are right for your construction or building business so that risk and downtime is minimized, and that the business operations are maximized. If you want more time to run your business, and less time worrying about your IT, just get in touch.


Build a stronger IT foundation today.

Let us help you figure out what’s best for your business and what going to set you up for the future.


Get Your IT strategy working for your towards your goals

We’ll design a strategy that will get you to where you want to go, quickly, easily & affordable.


Get things back under control.

No more fighting fires, and messing about. We’ll get your IT sorted once & for all.

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Discover the Key to Stress Free IT.