Don't get hammered when your IT is offline

24x7 Monitoring to keep you online

Don’t get caught with your servers down

The Wyntec Sonar Monitoring Solution provides your business with peace of mind that your technology is up and running, all the time! Our 24x7 Monitoring solution means you can switch off from the daily management of your IT Systems and get focused on your core business.

We know that any unplanned downtime to system servers can be costly to an organisation. We also know that most causes of these issues are predictable therefore preventable.

These days 24x7 is pretty much a given. You expect your system to be online and operational all the time. Let’s face it no-one works just 9-5 any more. As much as office hours might say 9-5 but wait until that server or network goes offline at 10pm…then you’ll find out how quickly your need the system back online.


Comprehensive and Stress Free

We have built from the ground up an enterprise grade system monitoring solution based around the power of Microsoft solutions. When we searched for the right solution to provide a 24×7 monitoring and management solution we had to be sure it would provide scalability, performance and improved productivity for our clients.

With an expanding range of solutions, our focus remains on monitoring and management all backed by our team of professionals running 24x7 keeping an eye on all your critical systems and networks.


Windows Servers

All your on-premise Windows Servers – 2008, 2012 & 2016

Cloud Servers

Azure, AWS or your chosen provider, they still need to be online

Virtaul Infrastructure

VMWare and Hyper-V Virtual Infrastructure

Networks and Internet

Up-time and performance for your networks

Don’t just rush for an IT Quote

Your business needs an IT strategy that underpins your business plan. Therefore, we start with an IT Discovery Session with every client, where we look in detail at your business strategy, your staff, clients and processes.

It’s in understanding your true needs that we can advise you on an IT strategy that will underpin your business strategy and help your team to deliver outstanding results for your clients.

It’s important that when looking for an IT service provider that you don’t just rush for a quote or a proposal. All too often IT companies provide standard packages with a one size fits all approach. Many times you end up paying for things you don’t need or services that don’t fit your unique situation.

Our IT Discovery and Report

To ensure that your business and IT strategies are aligned, we perform an IT Discovery session with every new client. And while his is a paid service, it provides so much value to our clients, as they receive an in-depth analysis & written report with a high level IT strategy and detailed step by step plan that your can implement right away.

  • The Discovery Session will cover:
  • Your Business Pan and Direction
  • Current IT Strategy
  • Systems Analysis
  • Security Audit
  • Hardware, Software and Cloudware Analysis
  • Written Implementation Plan

Please note that because of the time and quality of this report we have a set fee of 990+ GST which will be deducted from your first invoice, should you contract us to implement for you. You may also choose to have your team implement the plan for you; it’s your choice.

Experience "Stress Free IT"

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