Mobile Device Management Can Solve Some Challenges

Mobile device management (MDM) refers to a range of products and services that enables organisations to deploy and support corporate applications to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, enforcing policies and maintaining the desired level of IT control across multiple platforms. The intent of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices within the enterprise, while simultaneously protecting the corporate network.
Most mobile device management solutions provide organizations with end-to-end security — meaning the mobile apps, network and data used by the mobile device (in addition to the mobile device itself) are managed by an organization’s IT department with a single mobile device software product.
Some enterprise MDM solutions combine mobile security and expense management in a sole product. Ideally, MDM software allows administrators to oversee mobile devices as easily as desktop computers and provides optimal performance for users. MDM tools should include application management, file synchronization and sharing, data security tools, and support for either a corporate-owned or personally owned device.
The ideal mobile device management tool:
• Is compatible with all common handheld device operating platforms and applications. If it is just for one platform or model of device it defeats the purpose since employees will most likely have different types of devices.
• Can function through multiple service providers. If limited to one service provider just like limitations with platform or device, all or most employees won’t be able to be monitored.
• Can be implemented directly over the air, targeting specific devices as necessary. This is especially important since you won’t always have the device on hand or in your physical presence.
• Can deploy next-generation hardware, operating platforms and applications quickly. Speed is quite vital to the mobile platform and to ensure you are on top of any security issues.
• Can add or remove devices from the system as necessary to ensure optimum network efficiency and security. The ability to remove or add devices to the work infrastructure is perhaps, the primary reason to actually have MDM.
In terms of security and accountability, MDM software enables you to create a process whereby devices are managed. We have visibility in terms of knowing what can and can’t be done on the device and company information can be remotely wiped.
Mobile device management is necessary in the modern workplace where the use of personal devices is becoming standard practice. With the adoption of new work practices, you need to adopt new management.

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