Windows Or Mac? The Age Old Question

Beyond the technical specifications, the main issue for a lot of people will be the operating system. Most people will likely want to pick the device that has the OS that they are most comfortable with. And they are significantly different. Different at every single layer, every single way they are managed, they are deployed – everything.
The MacBook has the Mac OS, macOS Sierra while the Surface Book has the Windows OS, Windows 10.  For the average user the following are the pros and cons to both-

  • Macs work better with other Apple products in terms of software. This includes features like Handoff, iMessage, iCloud, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Keychain, Find My iPhone, etc. Apple have products now that integrate with Windows, but not the extent. Look at what you are doing and what you need to achieve and remember just because you use and iphone, doesn’t mean you need to us a Mac.
  • Even though Macs can get viruses or malware, the number of threats is still significantly less than for Windows just because the Windows base is so much larger.
  • Overall, there is a lot more software available for Windows than for Mac. The opposite is true when you look at smartphones, but we’re talking about computers here. There is usually an equivalent Mac program for every Windows app, but they are not always as good.
  • Worldwide, most computers are PCs and Windows is the most popular operating system by far. This means the community is much larger and you can get more support for software and hardware.
  • Though OS X is simpler, that’s not always the best for some people. Windows can be perceived as more complex but this also leads to a lot more flexibility than Mac.
  • Windows 10 might be Cortana – — the digital assistant that comes with every copy of Windows 10. Not only can Cortana search your files and folders, but she provides a look into your daily calendar and other info when you click. If you’re an Android person, it’s like the best parts of Google Now, which present you with the most relevant information from your apps combined with the personality and voice-responsiveness of Apple’s Siri.
  • Windows Ink Workspace -The headlining feature of the Ink Workspace is a new Sticky Notes feature. For the first time, Windows 10 will actually recognize your handwriting, so if a note contains a phone number or a date, it’ll prompt you to add it to your contacts or calendar.

Ultimately, however the decision will have to do a lot with the current applications you are using. As a Microsoft user (Outlook, Word and Excel) you really cannot go past Windows 10 and the close integration these have. As a business with more than 10 computers, windows will provide a lot more capability for management and support ensuring a better experience for your team.
As more applications and systems move to the cloud the choice may not be as difficult, but along with the applications being used really consider how the systems are going to be manage and supported.

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