Who cares about IT maintenance and support

Who cares about IT maintenance and support?

Be Honest, do you really care about IT maintenance and support? Does it really add value to your business and help you achieve your business goals?

I would say you don’t really care and no-one cares and in isolation adds zero value to your business but that doesn’t mean it is not valuable or beneficial because it .

Now anyone who knows me is probably thinking I have just lost my mind, because that is my business ‘IT Maintenance and Support’. Wyntec is an IT Support provider in Brisbane and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional IT maintenance, support and management to our clients. But I haven’t lost my mind, today the nuts and bolts of technology are an irrelevant discussion to be having upfront you don’t care if Windows Updates are applied, if the Anti-virus is updating, how the servers are performing you expect that to just happen. And if you don’t you should.

What we need to be talking about and what you need to be focused on is your business;

  • where is your business going?
  • where do you want to be?
  • what are the challenges in your business?
  • what are the bottlenecks?
  • what is costing you money and eating at your profits?

These are the discussions that need to be had, the answers to these questions are what provides the insight on what is needed to be done and this is where Technology starts to make a positive, and real, impact on your business. And as part of a wider structure and strategic approach this is where support and maintenance starts to add value to your business. This is where the nuts and bolts start to make sense and you still really don’t have to care about it, but you can be confident it is now there and happening for the right reasons.

Unless there is a very clear understanding of where your business is at and where it is going, there is no way that IT is going to be able to add any value to your business and it will always been seen as an expense.

Would it not be better to know that what you spend on IT and Technology can be directly linked to driving your business forward, improving output from your team and ultimately increasing profits.

We can bench mark your business and how technology is utilised, and give you a score. But more importantly I can work with you to build out a structured strategy and framework of how you can leverage your existing systems and partners to align with your business goals, address your business challenges and really add value to you business.
If you are interested to find out if I have lost my mind please get in touch with me directly or register here and we can get your started for FREE and score your business and start to provide you some insight into the opportunities that exist to give your business that competitive edge for 2016 and beyond.

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