Where to start with sorting out your backups

3 Focus Areas for your backup strategy

There’s only three areas to focus on. Just to get a base line of what’s going in your business today and how backups are operating.

Where is your Data?

So firstly understand where your data is that might sound pretty straight forward, but it’s quite amazing, how many people we have talked to and seen in the past where they’re not really sure where all their data is. It might be on a machine, it might be on a number of computers throughout the business, really identifying where that data is.
So making sure you know if it’s on workstations, if it’s on servers, if it’s stored in the cloud, if it’s a cloud – based applications, where that data is. So be very clear about understanding where your data is. And that addresses a number of other challenges throughout your business as well as we move forward.

Prioritise your Data

The second component is to really look at and prioritise the type of data that you’ve got. So out of all that data and there will be heaps, you’ll have applications, you’ll have Word files, you’ll have Excel, really start grouping those documents and applications and systems together and give them a priority. So if the worst was to happen, what do you need back absolutely, as soon as possible? What is the most critical piece of data in your business that you couldn’t run without? And that’s going to be, be where you sort of really need to start looking at how you are going to back this stuff up.

Know where it is going

And the third part of this initial review, is really understand where your backups currently run. So I’m going to assume that you are running some backups. If not, do something. You need to start doing that now.
But know where your data is being backed up. Is it being backed up to the same computer or to the same server, it is being backed up to the tape, is it being backed up to a network drive, is it being backed up to the cloud?
You really need to understand those three elements to start really looking at a good strategy for backup.

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