What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide-Area-Network, revolutionises how enterprises connect users to applications. It’s a virtual WAN architecture offering unparalleled agility, efficiency, and cost savings over traditional WAN services. SD-WAN achieves this by separating applications from the underlying network with a policy-based virtual overlay. This overlay monitors network performance in real-time, selecting the best network for each application based on policies.

How SD-WAN Works?

SD-WAN simplifies the network layer, allowing various connection types, including:

It consists of a network of SD-WAN appliances connected by encrypted tunnels, with each site having its own appliance. Centralised management of these appliances ensures consistent networking policies across the organisation, with the appliance determining the best route for application traffic.

Addressing Traditional WAN Challenges

Traditional WANs, designed for linking physical locations, struggle with cloud computing and high mobility demands. The complexity of maintaining these systems, coupled with their vulnerability to security threats, highlights the need for a more robust solution like SD-WAN, which addresses these challenges and offers more efficient and secure connectivity.

Integrating SD-WAN with Cato Networks

Cato Networks enhances traditional SD-WAN by integrating it into a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform. This integration converges the WAN edge, a global backbone, and a whole network security stack into a unified, cloud-native platform. 

Cato’s SD-WAN as a Service extends core SD-WAN capabilities, securely connecting all enterprise resources, including physical locations, cloud data centres, and mobile workforces, without needing multiple-point solutions.


Through our partnership with Cato Networks, we offer SD-WAN solutions that are agile, cost-effective but also secure, and reliable. Cato’s advanced SASE platform addresses the limitations of traditional SD-WAN, providing integrated security, cloud and mobile traffic support, and enhanced reliability over the public internet. This partnership enables us to offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art network solutions that align with the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

Interested in learning more about how Wyntec, in partnership with Cato Networks, can transform your business’s network infrastructure with advanced SD-WAN and SASE solutions? Visit our Cato Networks Partnership page for more detailed information on how this collaboration can benefit your organisation. Discover the power of modern, secure, and efficient networking tailored to your enterprise needs.


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