Taking advantage of cloud platforms

Moving to the cloud has been a priority for many businesses over recent years, especially as the underlying technologies have developed. Thanks to this progression, cloud platforms are now highly capable, flexible and affordable.
Businesses will need to consider the value of cloud platforms when it comes time to upgrade systems, and plan for an eventual integration of services. Throughout the next year, the cloud should continue to form an important aspect of IT procurement strategies.
Microsoft offers a number of cloud technologies that can benefit businesses both small and large. Office 365, for example, is able to offer seamless document collaboration and synching across a wide variety of devices. The added benefit of Office 365 is that it requires little training, as staff are often already familiar with the programme.
For businesses planning wider cloud adoption, Microsoft Azure offers a flexible platform that’s able to be scaled as needed. With Azure, businesses can create a cloud platform tailored specifically for the needs of the organisation.
“Developing for a mobile-first, cloud-first world is complicated, and Microsoft is working to simplify this world without sacrificing speed, choice, cost or quality, said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president at Microsoft. “Imagine a world where cloud infrastructure and platform services blend together in one seamless experience.”
Providers can be a great help when it comes time to move to the cloud, as companies can rest assured the entire transition process will be handled smoothly and efficiently. In addition, the security of information is ensured throughout the transfer.
Businesses should soon begin cloud planning, and assess systems that can benefit from the transition. In place of moving all systems across to the cloud at once, doing so incrementally is the best option creating a hybrid IT environment.

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