Successful Partnerships with IT – Part 2

Successful Partnerships with IT – Part 2

Investment– every business person knows how fundamental this word is especially when trying to reach a solid goal. Through the years, more and more companies are looking for efficient and effective ways to cut costs while getting quality services. The answer comes in the form of outsourcing or as I like to call it – Partnering.
This is part 2 of the better partnerships blog series. Part 1 is here if you haven’t read it yet –

Is IT simply an expense?

…consider IT an investment. Yes, IT is an added outflow to the business but in this day and age it is the best strategic approach to maximising business operations. If you see IT purely as a cost, you are actually cutting down your business’ potential for growth.
Consider all outsourcing costs and learn to negotiate. Remember that the best way to gain effective control of your IT  services is to consider the efficiency, operational reliability and implementation of new strategies and initiatives that will drive better revenue, profits, sales and productivity. Continuing to review IT as a cost rather than an investment reduces the opportunity to deliver on these objectives.
There are a lot of contending terms in the market nowadays; Implemented consulting, fiduciary management, Outsourced solutions. These terminologies all boil down to one basic important proposition: The idea that your business might be drastically improved by delegating some daily management tasks and responsibilities to a trusted provider.

Busy or Effective?

If you are a part of a business that you know has loads of potential to grow and branch-out, yet you still handle most of the operational tasks, from invoicing to promotion to searching for leads to marketing, a great responsibility lies on your shoulders. Without you, the business won’t do much!
How frustrating is it to actually deal with multiple responsibilities at once, every day! Plus there are so many things you have to arrange with before you can actually sell or get profit such as human resource costs, training costs? Fortunately, there is a solution: IT Outsourcing.
To have a broader and long-term approach to IT is vital to the relationship of the business and the outsourcing company, especially if you are the Chief Financial Officer or the Financial Controller of the business. Managing the relationship between the business and IT takes time. Ensuring compliance with standards, measuring performance and providing feedback, answering inquiries and stepping in to handle unusual circumstances are only a number of the situations that you must get used to.
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