Successful Partnerships with IT – Part 1

Successful Partnerships with IT – Part 1

A fully-operational IT system is an integral part of most businesses nowadays. But reliable IT systems are a must – especially when your business is growing.

However, let’s face it. Not all of us have IT genes in our body. When we see a computer, many of us only see a screen and several beeping boxes. When an IT guy talks about networking or code, it’s as if he came from an entirely different planet.
So how does a non-IT business person maintain their own IT system?


One of the greatest things that the internet has provided us is the ability to smash boundaries and tap human resources wherever they are in the globe. This includes skilled IT professionals to help you with the IT arm of your business.
However, even with a skilled professional to look after the system, a lot of businesses are not able to fully maximise their IT resources because of this common mistake – they don’t know what they have in their IT systems and they’re not committed to understanding them and how IT can help their business grow.
With this perception, every valuable suggestion regarding the system is met with scepticism and a ton of indecisive questions. Will it work? Do I really need to upgrade this? How will it help my business? I’m quite unsure about how all this works.
When a client faces an IT problem with only “sales” in mind, the end result is usually a waste of resources, time and money.

Get to know your systems

Being the person responsible for IT in the business, you will need to take time to understand how your system work and how they can benefit your business. When you fully understand what you have, and how it currently works, you will be able to make informed decisions and discuss this with your IT partner.
Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to have the same level of IT knowledge compared to an IT specialist. But understanding the basics of your system and having the commitment to learn more about it already puts you at a greater advantage compared to others who only see computers as hardware and software.
If you’re keen to know more about your current IT Systems or just not sure what the next step could be.
Feel free to give me a call or contact me on 1300 655 523. I am always ready to be of assistance to you and your IT needs.

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