Should small businesses consider outsourcing?

Remote IT support is one of the best tools available to modern businesses, offering far more cost-effective help when it’s required – often 24 hours a day. Now, even small businesses are able to take advantage of outsourced IT support, at a cheaper cost than internal teams.

In-house vs outsourced
An in-house IT support team often means having staff onsite throughout the working day. The number of personnel often depends on the business size. These staff are usually never available after hours or on weekends, and require further training when new systems need to be implemented.
With an outsourced provider, there’s a greater number of staff available, at all hours of the day and on weekends. While it may seem unnecessary to have IT support available during these times, consider employees working late or doing overtime on the weekend.
When it comes time to upgrade IT systems, the providers are often far more skilled, as they’e dealing with other clients (and hence a greater number of systems) on a regular basis.

The security consideration
IT security is rapidly becoming a primary concern for businesses, especially given the growth of data breaches. It’s now essential for companies to manage IT security at all hours of the day, and keep a close eye on systems.
Outsourced providers can monitor IT networks 24 hours a day, keeping a close eye on the stability of systems. In addition, they’re also able to monitor internally and ensure employees aren’t accessing systems without authorisation.

Over the next few years, outsourcing the IT needs of a business should become a priority in order to ensure both reduced operational costs and a better level of support and security.

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