SharePoint Is Your Go To For Team Access

Working online will offer a lot more value to your business than to continue managing a file server internally. To do this effectively you need to give your highly mobile workforce access to data anywhere, anytime by tapping into information management platforms. One of the leading systems out there is SharePoint. This powerful content management system allows organizations to store, access and manage files from different devices. The good news is, it integrates with Windows and MS Office seamlessly!
But what makes it a must-have application for team access? In a nutshell, it all boils down to these things:

  1. Access can be limited to the team and its appropriate stakeholders.
  2. All the important information the team needs is stored in a central location.
  3. Communication between team members can be streamlined.
  4. SharePoint is very user-friendly. No need for too much IT intervention.

To expound more on the usability and practicality of SharePoint for team access, here are some of its key attributes.
SharePoint’s user experience is really good
When you use this platform you will first notice the ease of interacting with business data, content and even the processes inside it. The integration of familiar client apps makes document review and issue tracking a walk in the park.
It is all about complete control
With its Central Administration (CA), managers have unprecedented control. They have access to app management features, they can manage security and system settings, perform back-ups and restorations, upgrade the platform and change general application settings, all in one centralized location. This is especially important for growing businesses as its data and files multiply too fast that managing it from different places is just impossible to sustain.
Collaboration made easy
Collaboration sits right in the centre of team work and SharePoint got this all covered. Team members can easily transfer information, allowing knowledge to flow across the organization. Stakeholders are always connected to the content paving the way for quick changes, decisions and increased productivity.
Security is all covered
Are you dealing with sensitive information? Do you have multiple teams with varying data security clearances? SharePoint manages permissions for apps, documents, and sites so that you do not have to open up your data to everybody. You can maintain information integrity even if people can access it just about anywhere.
SharePoint with all its functionality and features has a reputation of being a beast of an App. Many organizations simply do not know how to maximize it thereby failing to leverage it as a productivity tool for their people. The beauty of this system is seen in its ability to draw individuals closer to the projects they are working on and to the team they are collaborating with.
Where do you begin exploring SharePoint’s powerful functions?  Just start using it! You can initially use it for file storage and then as you understand its capabilities more, you can then use it for list management, shared calendars, and announcements. Explore the possibilities it can offer for your business today!

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