SharePoint And OneDrive Explained

Within your Office 365 subscription there is a platform known as SharePoint and a component called OneDrive. These are both great cloud storage systems, however there are some key differences on best use cases.
OneDrive is more about the synchronization of data. OneDrive is Microsoft’s service for hosting files in the “cloud” that replicate to your local computer, this gives you access to your data when you need it. Sharepoint on the other hand is more known for being a “team site”, an access portal of data on the cloud that is accessed and available on-line and through your web browser.
OneDrive provides users an effortless method to store, sync and share several types of files with other people and devices in the web. The files saved in it can be directly grabbed from a web browser, or if you’re on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, from an operating system.
As a central point for sharing files online, the single way to access it independently is through a web browser. Upon signing in, you will see all the files that you have stored in the cloud and can directly open them from your browser. With windows 10, you may pin the OneDrive Website to the Start Menu to gain rapid access. OneDrive can be utilized from various kinds of devices and computers such as Xbox consoles, Macs, Windows-operated computers, phones and tablets, iPhones and even Android smartphones.
Aside from being an online storage device, one of its excellent features include creating documents straight from your browser like that with your Microsoft Office. In addition to that, you can share both documents and file folders that you have created, online.
Now when we are talking about collaborative access, that’s where we would look at a component called SharePoint. You may or may not have heard of it but SharePoint has a history of being a bit of a beast of an app. It’s a web-based document management platform operated by Microsoft.
SharePoint is intended for groups having a specific location to create and secure storage for document sharing. It allows you to save, edit, download and upload for continued sharing. Aside from this, SharePoint can also be used to build a site which you can share with your team. It provides them access to all necessary information from your company that they might need and likewise allow them a space to upload information from their end that you might need as well.
Put simply, the OneDrive is for a myriad of files that aren’t meant to be shared and which you want to keep an exclusive control over. While in SharePoint, files aren’t kept by or associated with a single user. Rather, data is shared and made accessible to all members of the team. Although we do recognize a significant similarity between the two, they are structured to be used for different situations.
Knowing how each works empowers you and your work process whether you are thinking about your personal files or data you want and need to share with others

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