One of the Biggest Frustrations with Email

Email is the communication tool of choice for business. Whether it is for quick updates, sending attachments of work or co-ordination of projects, email is the general standard communication too. By providing a fast, digital alternative to the physical transfer of messages and documents, email has become indispensable.

Which is why it can be quite frustrating when it doesn’t work as smoothly as it should. We live in an era where we expect our tech to just work. Time spent troubleshooting or waiting is the same as losing money. A common issue for businesses, especially small businesses, is that they are unable to sync their emails on their computer with those on their phone or vice versa.

This is especially annoying because people expect to be able to work seamlessly on either their handheld or desktop device as they switch between the two. The worst thing is this is often an avoidable issue.

99 times out of a 100, it is because of the type of email platform that they are using. People often stick with whatever email they are given with their webhosting platform. Often when buying webhosting space for a company’s website or online portfolio, one of the bundled offers are for free email hosting and usage. This may seem like a fantastic deal, but the truth is these are often underpowered or obsolete by the standards currently used since they are not the primary focus of the service provided.

And that just doesn’t cut it in this day and age. It is fairly old and basic technology that they provide which cannot keep pace with a business’s needs. These may be sufficient for an individual who freelances, but for a business that has more than one member, the technology quickly shows its age.

Instead of sticking with your webhosting service’s complementary email, it makes a lot more sense to spend the initial time and money to get a more dedicated and robust email service. That initial investment will save a lot in the future.

A barrier for some might be the thought that if they don’t take advantage of their webhost’s free offer, they can be stuck with setting up their own mail server, a difficult and pricey proposition.  This is not true. There are a number of cloud based email services that are reliable, fast and often provide the same level of customization, that in the past, was limited to businesses with dedicated email servers.

Not only is it a sound decision, financially, but it leads to a more stress free work day and environment. And that is something that can’t be underrated in the long term. A business has many small issues and problems that pop up day to day and need to be dealt with. It is much easier to deal with an issue before it becomes an issue. Why face issues when just a little bit of preplanning can avoid it entirely?

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