Office 365 Australia datacenter

Office 365 Australia datacenter

As you may be aware, Microsoft now have local Australian Data Centres for Office 365 deployments. All recent new Office 365 clients will have been positioned in the new Australian Data Centres, however, if you have been an Office 365 user for a while longer then chances are your data is hosted in a Singapore Data Centre.
For most, this is not an issue, but for some clients, the location of data is an issue and is even a compliance requirement to ensure it is stored within Australian shores. You can check where you data is by going into your Office 365 Admin portal. I
When Microsoft Announced the opening of the Australian Datacentres it was announced that Australian users would be automatically migrated, this is no longer the case.  A recent announcement from Microsoft means that you have to opt-in for this move now. If you would like to discuss further or have any questions contact us –
Read on for the Microsoft Announcement.

Microsoft Announcement

We are making a change to the process of moving your core customer data to the Australia datacenter region. Customers who want to have their customer data moved are now required to request a move before October 31, 2016. This is a change from our previous announcement and allows us to prioritise those customers who have a need to store their core customer data at rest within Australia.
We recommend that you take no action unless your organisation needs core customer data to be stored at rest in the Australia datacenter region. By choosing to move your data, customers limit Microsoft’s possibilities to optimise the location of their core customer data at rest in either their current or the Australia datacenter region.

How does this affect me?

If your organisation has a requirement to store core customer data at rest within Australia, you will have to request a move via the Office 365 admin centre. The deadline for requesting your move is October 31, 2016. Data moves will complete within 12 months after the enrollment period.
No action is required if you do not have data residency requirements or if you were previously notified of a data move completing. If you do not request to move your data, we may still move your customer data to the Australia datacenter region as part of our optimisation procedures. In either case, Microsoft will respect the data residency commitments made in the Microsoft Online Services Terms.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

You can review the location of your core customer data at rest and request to move your data in the Organization Profile section of the Office 365 admin centre.More information about the move program and instructions to request a move can be found at

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