Make It A Brick

Security is a major concern when it comes to personal devices. The protection of your business data is of paramount importance. The reasons behind why your information is at risk can range from an employee seeking to sabotage the business to carelessness such as leaving it behind in a cab or Uber.
Disconnecting the phone or removing its access to email or the company network is not enough as it does not affect data that is already on the device.
How to do manage this? You need to make sure that you remotely lock and manage mobile devices.
What this does is lock out the person from accessing the phone if they do not possess pre-approved credentials, or newly set ones to thwart a disgruntled employee. To get in they may have to format the phone which still protects the important data you have on it that you wish to keep out of the hands of others.
However, you may not want them to have use of the device at all. In such a case extreme measures may need to be taken.
Mobile device management allows remote bricking of devices. Bricking essentially means a device has turned into a brick. It may be an electronic device worth hundreds of dollars, but it’s now as useful as a brick (or perhaps a paperweight).
As opposed to merely removing a device from the network, remotely wiping ensures that any data stored on it is safe in terms of it no longer being accessible. This may seem like an extreme measure, but a better option than losing control over sensitive data.
Protect your data and prevent people from using the device that they do not have a right to. Make it a brick.

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