How To Scale Your Business With Technology

Businesses have a heavy reliance on apps more than ever due to their widespread use in daily life and ease of use. Employees have an easier time learning how to use them and from a starting point for new businesses, it just makes sense. The problem arises when your company starts to grow.

If you have not done a lot or research beforehand, you can get stuck using an app that is unable to handle the volume of data or the change in process. To compensate we see many try to either move onto other apps that can handle the new workload or introduce steps in between that involve offloading the data somewhere else.
What you end up with is a lot of people doing a task in one tool and then doing something else in another, re-entering data, massaging data – you can see how this doesn’t help.

To scale using technology is to look at minimizing entry points of your data. Automate as much work flow as you possibly can – moving data between systems if needed. Ultimately you want to streamline those processes in your business.

By having a pre-planned system in place that anticipates the growth of your business you can have a scalable model and this can easily translate into finding the right system.

In short you should understand your business workflow in order to know where data needs to flow, who needs access to it and what outcomes are required and expected. But remember your current apps may not cut it, and that is okay. Investment is needed to grow and that investment maybe in the form of new software, systems or apps or a combination. The cheapest is not always the best option.

This all requires a certain amount of pre-planning and good structures. Scalability requires a good base and good systems.

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