How To Ensure Your Backup Strategy Is Successful

There are three areas to focus on for implementing a successful backup strategy: WHAT. PRIORITIZE. WHERE.

Today, IT systems and backup processes can seem more complex than ever and the consequences of data loss are more severe. For backup strategies to be successful, the process must successfully execute in three areas; WHAT, PRIORITSE, WHERE.

WHAT you are going to backup is of course the critical piece. It is imperative that you know exactly where your data is located and stored so you can be sure it is in fact being backed up.

PRIORITSE that data and your systems.  Understand the importance of each and every system and data set that you have in your systems. You have to be able to group these documents together and set importance and priority. Which of these files or systems are the ones that your business can’t run without?.

WHERE is you backup going to? Are you running backups today, if so where is that data being stored and how are they running?  If you don’t have a good copy of the data secured on another device and, hopefully, another location, don’t get your hopes up on recovering your important files.

Backup applications must be able to successfully copy data across networks, accurately capture data from servers or virtual machines that may have active live data, efficiently store that data on a local storage, and can move that data off-site.

As part of this entire process, time is a factor in both backup and recovery. The amount of time it takes to backup a location and the time it takes to recover are both vital parts of the equation. If you don’t complete your backups or can’t do frequent backups because of your infrastructure or outdated software, it is going to impact both your ability to backup and how long it takes to get back into production in case of a failure or security breach.

Ask yourself this, can you get the data back at all? Most businesses haven’t taken the time to perform verification of backup jobs. Confidence in your ability to recover then comes from testing. Testing though is a problem of resources and time

Ultimately, understanding your company’s necessities along with related threat risks will assist in defining the process and technology needed. You need to ensure that as much of your data can be protected in an effective manner and be obtainable more quickly when a restore is necessary.

For more information on how you can have successful backups, call Wyntec today at 1300 655 523. We will be more than happy to assist you with your IT needs. You may also send us an email at [email protected].

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