Ensuring Your Business Is Agile

Your business relies on technology to run, and this means you need applications and services to make that happen efficiently. Applications are used throughout many aspects of business including communication and marketing to more specialised work that is specific to your business. This is a good thing since it allows you to do those same tasks easier and quicker.

However, the adoption of apps means that you need to ensure we don’t run into issues when using them such as hitting limits of the app or simply outgrowing them too quickly. You need ensure that you look at the bigger picture and longer term to maintain flexibility.

Your systems need to keep pace with your varying needs and you cannot have an app that is exceptional on its own but does not work well with others limits your scope for the rest of the business. Minimizing the entry points of data is critical in ensuring consistently and scalability throughout all aspects of the business.

Just remember that the app or system is only as good as a structured workflow that optimizes it. The best app in the world cannot mitigate processes or misuse.

Once you have the proper apps and have started your process structure it becomes understanding what are the core and critical components of your business, and getting a good structure around those systems. You need to start working out what it is in your business workflow that needs to happen and that needs to happen seamlessly.
Build upon your structure. When it becomes necessary to modify or add apps, then you need to build it on the existing structure that you have setup. You have to look for new solutions that in addition to having benefits of being better, will also integrate in the existing system. Overhauling your existing structure to fit to a new app defeats the purpose of setting up the system in the first place i.e. saving time and money in the future.

At the end of the day you want to setup a system that lets you do your work with ease, is future proofed and doesn’t need to be overhauled completely whenever somethings changes. It should be streamlined and able to work with minimal future input so you can get on with your running of your business.

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