Cybersecurity Requires Education – Why You Need to Teach Your Employees About Online Threats

Cybersecurity is a big concern for everyone, including businesses. It is one of their biggest challenges that need to be addressed. However, it is still not clear to everyone, and that puts numerous companies at a huge risk. Fortunately, there are many solutions to help solve this problem such as raising the cybersecurity education of your employees.

Importance of Cybersecurity Education

Breaches and data exposure can happen because of reasons such as lack of security, the technology you use, and more. However, the biggest part of the challenge is from human error or intentional misconduct of the employee. It is a common setup where employees end up threatening their organization because of spite, boredom, and most often, being intimidated by hackers.

In most cases, attacks are the result of mistakes because of an employee’s ignorance. They could have unknowingly downloaded a malicious file causing havoc into the company’s internal network. Cyber security education can prevent this by creating awareness and understanding of the practices used to mitigate cyber threats.

However, take note that cybersecurity is more than just letting your employees know about the benefits, pros, and cons of securing your network. Educating your people means training them to recognize threats and act instantly against it. It is about telling your end-users

  • What to look for
  • How to spot a scam
  • How to understand when something is not right
  • What to do when there is a threat

Educating Your Employees on Cybersecurity is an Investment that Helps Retention

Training your team is where the main challenge lies when it comes to securing your business. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible though. Realizing the need to educate your employees is the start. You can then begin training them, which shows that you not only appreciate them but also help them meet their professional development needs.

It might not seem so, but every additional training you expose your employees to is an investment. It will help you retain more capable employees, which will contribute to your organization’s success. While your employees may be one of the biggest causes of cyberattacks, appreciating, and taking care of them is a more effective way to reduce insider threats than placing strict security policies.

If you favor the latter – where you perform random computer checks or strictly monitor their activities – it could backfire. It can decrease productivity and employee satisfaction, which may lead to even your best employees to leave. Instead, you should invest in helping them understand the importance of cybersecurity and become your trusted guards against those threats.

Create a Culture of Cybersecurity

The key to reducing your risk against cyberattacks is by creating a culture of cybersecurity. You can do this by investing in quality and continual awareness training for your employees. Aid them to understand their role in protecting your organization from hackers, scams, and other online criminal activities. It doesn’t always have to be a training. You can also foster cybersecurity education by:

  • Sending them tips on cybersecurity
  • Holding educational lunches or dinners
  • Posting news, articles, and other relevant information, etc.

Your role is to reinforce how important it is to keep your data safe and secure. Even if you are the leader or the owner of the company, you cannot be complacent. You must be active and show them that you practice the said cybersecurity tips. By fostering education as part of your company, you will see a a huge improvement in your security.

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