Be Cyber Aware

Be Cyber Aware

We are seeing a significant increase in the amount of Virus Activity, Email Phishing Scams and in particular RansomWare attacks.The RansomWare attacks are the ones to very wary off – they go after your data (Word, Excel, PDF etc) and encrypt the file meaning they are next to useless. You either Pay the Ransom or your restore from backup.
I don’t recommend paying any ransom, so you need to ensure you have a good backup plan in place for your data. These viruses will go after data on your local computer and any network drives you may have connected.
The tricky thing about these viruses is that many of them we are seeing are undetected by traditional Virus Software. They can be run very easily on your PC from simply clicking a bad link in an email or on a web site – common ones circulating are Australia Post Packages or Police Speeding Fines.

Check, and Check Again.

You need to be aware, very aware of the emails you receive and what you click on and where you browse. Unless you are expecting a document or a link from someone you know, check and double check the email – most anything asking you to download something ,unless you have requested it, is going to end in trouble.
We have seen a number of infections and locking of data and i am sure you have seen other events in the news. This is happening more and more and everyone is a target.

What Can I Do?

Ensure that you have virus software deployed, you computers are updated often (this goes for MAC Also, they are not immune) as a business have additional protection on your internet links and services and most of all ensure you are backing up your data, daily, and that it goes off-site!
Don’t rely on your Dropbox or OneDrive backup because they are just as vulnerable to attacks. I am More than happy to answer any questions, but please spread the word. Be aware of what you are opening and what links you are clicking on – if in doubt delete it and call the person who sent it to verify, and get them to send it again if it is legit!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want someone to give you systems the once over
[email protected] / 1300 655 523.

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