Are you ready for changes to your business phone lines?

Are you ready for changes to the Telephone Network?

ISDN and PSTN phone lines will be gone forever, and it’s not that far away. With the NBN Rollout continuing we see that all ISDN & PSTN Services will cease to be in operations from September 2019.
We all know that an efficient and effective business phone line service is key to your business staying competitive and making a profit. But as can be the case with many things technology focused, it can be hard to work out which business phone line service is right for your business.
Let’s start with what is a common phone line in use now for business – ISDN and/or PSTN.

What is the difference between ISDN and PSTN?

ISDN stands for the Integrated Services Digital Network, a digital network technology that carries and transmits voice, data, video and fax in a digital format. In Australia, ISDN services can either be a basic rate service, known as ISDN 2 or a primary rate service, known as ISDN 10/20/30.
Essentially what these services provide is the number of concurrent phone lines into your business phone system. These ISDN lines will be connected to your Phone system, and the phones on your desk will be connected to your Phone System.
PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network lines. With this dedicated service, each line has a unique phone number with the area code of its assigned telephone exchange. Despite the core network being almost entirely digital, PSTN is delivered to the premises via twisted copper pairs in analogue form. This is just like the phone line into your house.
While business phone line services using PSTN are similar in function to residential landlines, they are managed on less congested networks. Even though many businesses are still using PSTN as their business phone line service, there are limitations.

PSTN & ISDN will be phased out soon

As the NBN network is driving a switch from copper based voice services to services that run over broadband & data services, PSTN & SDN will be phased out.
This means that traditional PSTN & ISDN users will be forced into switching to alternative voice services. If you want to keep your PSTN Phone numbers, you will have no choice but to move to a VoIP style service to replace your old voice lines.
In a lot of cases the Legacy PBX phone systems in use will need to be replaced as PBX systems will need to be compatible with IP based voice services.
Now you know the difference between ISDN and PSTN, it’s time to look at what options you need to consider for your business. The first thing to work out is how many ISDN/PSTN Lines you have in your business connected to your phone system. Secondly what are the costs associated with these services and Finally what phone system you have and is it going to be compatible with Internet based phone services.
This is a great time to look at what exactly you need from a phone system in your business.

  • Does your current system provide all the features and functions you want?
  • Do you need to have more flexibility and mobility with your phone system and hand sets?
  • Are Voice Conferencing, Call routing and Voice mail improvements something you need?

One of the great solutions available today is a hosted phone system. Business phone lines are hosted in the cloud so there is no need for expensive phone system hardware, with high maintenance costs and limited flexibility.
With the Wyntec Voice solution we offer a simple, future-proof phone solution that easily scales as your business grows and changes. Some of the key benefits to your business include:

  • No more expensive line rental and more lines than you need
  • Connect all your Offices to the Same Phone system
  • Full Phone system features
  • Keep all your existing Phone numbers
  • Savings on your phone bill and call costs
  • Free calls between your offices
  • One number for multiple devices including iPhone, Android, Mac and PC
  • NBN compatible

Your business also gets the latest equipment, full training, maintenance and 24/7 support and monitoring. Find out how moving away from ISDN and PSTN to the cloud can improve you business phone lines and benefit your business. Talk to our friendly and helpful team on 1300 655 523 today.

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