Optus Data Breach and Looming Scams - What You Need to Know

The Optus data breach is widely known, making headlines around the country and raising concerns on the impact of breached personal data in the wrong hands. But how can you protect yourself if your data privacy is compromised? Download our guide to learn more about the Optus breach, scams to look out for and how to respond if your data has been breached.

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All consumers and businesses should look out for the various scams hackers commonly deploy to breach systems and gain unauthorised access to private data. This guide explains what to do if your information was exposed in the recent data breach. It also covers how to avoid ‘Unauthorised transaction on your account’ scams, remote access, and phone scams. Awareness of these common cyber-attacks can help mitigate the majority of cyber risks for your organisation. This resource also includes information about how to apply for a replacement driver’s license, renew a passport, change a Medicare card and request additional security for telecommunications and internet providers. You can see the best ways to change the login details that require passwords and email addresses. If you suspect a scammer may have already used your information, we also show you the steps you can take in response after being scammed. Download the guide now to learn about protecting your security.