Our Process

We live in the technology age and it’s imperative that your business runs on a firm technology foundation and that your people, process and technology are all aligned and able to deliver outstanding results for your clients.

Unfortunately too many businesses struggle with their systems and their IT staff or service providers are constantly patching up, fighting fires charging for repeated callouts to fix the same issues. Too often IT falls to business owners, managers and CFO’s and causes frustration, extra costs and stress all round. Stress-Free IT starts with partnering with a team who can analyse what you’re doing and give you honest feedback on improvements you can make or problems you need to avoid. A team of IT professionals who can get to the heart of a matter quickly and optimise the efficiency of your business

Our Process

How It Works

Our four-stage process provides improved visibility and planning for your IT requirements. The Understanding and planning gives you great insight to what is ahead and ensures that the deployment of upgraded and new services can be achieved with the least amount of interruption to the business. Combining this with ongoing support and direction ensures you can focus on areas important to your business operations.

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We take the time to know you and understand your business, requirements, objectives and the existing technology landscape.

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We'll help you to design a complete IT system for every area of your business that will save you time and money.


We will set you up with the hardware, software or cloud to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business and your team.

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We will ensure that your technology stays aligned with your goals and that all your IT is monitored and supported 24x7.

Our Process

The 4 Pillars

Today every business is a technology business. Technology within a business needs to be structured and our alignment of the key components is the foundation of our businesses operations and success


At Wyntec we want to make sure that all of the systems that you utilise within your technology environment is current, updated and fitted to the direction your company is moving. The goal is the optimisation of technology resulting to increased productivity and efficiency in the way you do business.


We take security seriously because we know the cost of security breaches – it is so hight that many organisations never recover. As the world becomes more connected and tech-driven, your business also becomes very porous to security threats. We simply relate system security to growth and longevity.


We value support because it is at the very forefront of customer experience. We just don’t want you to sit on the best systems available to you right now, we also want to make sure that if something doesn’t work, users can call someone quickly. This “support” must be wrapped around the concept of reliability.


With Systems, Support and Security all in place, we focus to the one thing that binds it all together – strategy. Your business must be looking forward to the future so that your system and the way you are supporting and securing that evolves with the direction of your enterprise. Technology now becomes a primary driver for success.

Stress-Free IT starts with partnering with a team who can analyse what you’re doing and give you honest feedback on improvements you can make or problems you need to avoid.