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Wyntec has built an exciting new offering to its services in partnership with Wiise!

Wiise is a clever ERP and accounting software that can run your business as it scales. Whenyour business grows, Wiise ERP grows with you. The result? You can manage all youroperations and payroll in the cloud, in one hub.

Made for big business, Wiise starts at an affordable price, made to fit the Aussie market, designed and developed by locals who know how you work.
Get your accounting, payroll, bank feeds, inventory and CRM managed in one place. With its cloud infrastructure, you can access all these anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Wyntec believes that Wiise can accelerate your growth while allowing you to conveniently expand through all the different facets of your business.

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Do you want to learn more just how Wiise can help you? Get a copy of the Trilogy Funds Case Study and find out!

We wanted a system that reduces risk and enhances the compliance program within our business. I could finally see a solution that would enable us to report with confidence at all levels within the business. As soon as I saw the demo I was impressed.”

Justin Smart, Chief Operating Officer at Trilogy