Top 11 IT challenges facing Aussie firms in 2023

Image of a Woman working during vacation

By the end of 2020, 64% of Australians in small to medium sized businesses were working remotely, and this trend shows no signs of changing.

The days of showing up at your office or workplace and considering it as work are long gone. Work is now what you do, not a place you go. Rather than cubicles and office floors, we now have devices, applications and flexible staff timeframes to manage and secure as the new normal for workforce management.

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Pandemics aside, the past 3 years has seen unprecedented changes to how we all work, and conduct our day to day. Grappling with these changes, and the implications it has to security, profitability, and your workforce in general is a challenge to say the least.

With all these changes in mind, the brains trust at Wyntec have put together a list of the 11 key challenges facing firms right now in the Aussie market, and the technology solutions (backed by experienced hands) that can help your organisation overcome them and achieve more, with less, from anywhere at any time.



Modernising the Workplace

Freeing your business from an office-based 9-5


Keeping your Firm Cyber Secure

Cyber criminals dont work a 9-5, neither should your cyber security.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Prepare for the unprecedented to remain resliant


Data Compliance, Governance and Protection

Keep on top of the evolving business compliance legislation


Leveraging Legacy IT

Make the most of what you’ve already paid for


Business Process Optimisation

Effective onboarding, anywhere at any time.


Hiring and Retention

Providing that personal touch, even remotely.


Diversified Customer Engagement Channels

Customer behaviors have changed. Now it's your turn


Engaging Partners and Customers

Providing that personal touch, even remotely.


IT-powered financial recovery

Preparing for a digital future


Predictability of IT Spend

Ensure accurate costing and budgets, now and in the future.