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Empower Your Brand With Every Email Your Organisation Sends Out!

Create, assign and manage all your employees’ email signatures and add targeted marketing banners.

A signature manager that makes it all easy!

Have a centralised interface that easily creates, manages & deploys the email signatures of all your employees. Thanks to the synchronisation with your directory (Azure AD, Azure local), all your users’ information is automatically and securely pre-filled.

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Strengthen Your Brand!

Say goodbye to inconsistencies and mistakes in your email signatures. Each employee automatically benefits from a signature in your brand’s colors. Turn them into true ambassadors with on-brand, standardised templates!

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Business opportunities with email signatures?

Yes, You Can! There are 121 professional emails received and 40 are sent every day by an employee. Make the most of banners to broadcast your campaigns in a targeted, non-intrusive & cost-effective way. Special offers, e-books, recruitments, news… the possibilities are endless!

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