AI and Data Security: Securing Your Business Data While Using AI


Acknowledging the surge in data-centric business models, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) has reshaped operational methods, decision-making processes, and value creation. While AI offers a huge array of possibilities and potential, its integration demands profound diligence, particularly when safeguarding essential data assets. 

Join Tom Freer (CEO, Wyntec) and Alex Ferguson (CEO, CopilotHQ) as they host an in-person Lunch and Learn event, exploring the crucial intersection of AI and data security. Understanding how to effectively secure your business data while leveraging AI is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity, so ensure you register below to secure your spot!

Key Takeaways

All attendees receive a free 1-hour AI Discovery Consultation.

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The Presenters

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Tom Freer

Chief Executive Officer,

With over 13 years leading Wyntec, Tom has been pivotal in offering reliable, fixed-cost IT solutions to medium-sized businesses. Under his leadership, Wyntec guarantees 24×7 support, advocating for simple and secure IT. Concurrently, as CEO of Layer 8 Security since 2022, Tom innovates in cyber awareness by championing customised training tailored to individual security profiles. A firm believer in the synergy of business and IT, Tom emphasises the importance of digital transformation and the integral role of technology in driving business success.

Alex Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer,

A seasoned leader with an Aerospace Engineering background and an Executive MBA, Alex Ferguson excels in digital technologies and AI. With over 20 years in international project management, he’s guided businesses through intricate digital transformations. Passionate about technology, AI, and science, Alex also holds a special connection to Australia and Taiwan. Before helming CopilotHQ, he served as the Chief Operating Officer at, further testament to his expansive expertise.